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Nepal was struck by devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale on April 25, 2015. Several thousand people have died and many people were injured. The tragedy has caused enormous material damage. Caritas Czech Republic is engaged in help through public collection. In co-operation with others, Caritas was also engaged in providing food and ensuring contributions.

Two years after the earthquake in Nepal, Nirjala again believes in the future

Nirjala and her grandmother Manamaya Shrestha braid the hair of a girl from the neighbourhood (photo: Caritas Switzerland).

Nepal was struck by devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale on April 25, 2015. Several thousand people have died and many people were injured. The tragedy has caused enormous material damage, especially in the Sindhupalchok region. Caritas Czech Republic together with Caritas Swiss and their partners support the renovation of primary and secondary schools here. 

"All my memories about Raqqa are wonderful," said Rabba Lissa

Rabba Lissa is strong woman (photo: Patrick Nicholson/Caritas).

"Life in Raqqa used to be good We had sheep, some land, water. When the problems with ISIS started there, we left for Damascus. We managed to get out before they cut the roads. All my memories about Raqqa are wonderful. ISIS are not good. They stole our land, they killed people. By the time we’d left, there were no jobs left. People were very afraid. We sold our properties and left. Now the house and the farm land have been completely destroyed by the bombing," said Rabba Lissa (60). Read more HERE.

Rita receives valuable experience through working for others

Rita supporting students in the production of learning materials (photo: Caritas Switzerland).

With the calm and kind expression that is characteristic for her, 18-year old Rita Bhujel passes around the attendance list for the parenting education event in Mahakaleshwori Lower Secondary School. In May 2016, she joined Caritas Switzerland’s and Caritas Czech republic´s partner organization MANK as an intern for the Promotion of School Attendance Component within the School Rehabilitation Programme.

Nepalese girl Susmita again in school

Susmita, her younger sister and mother in front of their temporary shelter (photo: Caritas Switzerland).

When Susmita Nepali’s mother beat her during a family argument in summer 2015, Susmita decided to run away. Without informing her parents, she took a bus to Kathmandu, where she told the owner of a Bed & Breakfast that she had lost all her family members in the earthquake. Believing her story, the hostel owner offered her a job in his canteen – for a salary of 2’000 Rupees per month.

Sick girl from Nepal back in school

At Koshish, Bimala gradually began to react, speak and study again (photo: Caritas Switzerland).

Towels and bags are piled up along the walls of the modest temporary shelter. The stone stove near the door is equipped with only a single pan. In the middle of this mosaic of scarce belongings, an immobile figure lies curled up under a thick blanket: it is Bimala Tamang, the girl who is known for lying on the same spot for months.

Indra Kumari Dulal is helping others

Indra Kumari Dulal.

“Some of my own friends dropped out from school for marriage,” Indra Kumari Dulal, Programme Coordinator for MANK (partner organization of Caritas Czech Republic) says. “But my father gave me the chance to study. When I got married at the age of 20, he even made my husband promise that he would support my further studies after marriage.”

The reconstruction of Srijana Primary School in Sindhupalchok

Children playing on the plateau (photo: Caritas Switzerland).

"The road to Srijana Primary School I remember very well. I have visited the remote village and its schools in the Melamchi valley last year, only a few weeks after the earthquake. The earthquake has completely destroyed all houses in the village as well as its school," said Lukas Fiechter, Programme Manager Nepal of Caritas Switzerland.

Caritas Czech Republic helps to reconstruct four elementary schools in Nepal

Casting of concrete columns - Srijana Elementary School (Photo: Caritas Switzerland).

In September 2015, the international net of charities, headed by Caritas Switzerland, has pledged to reconstruct 31 primary and secondary schools which were destroyed by an earthquake in the Nepali region of Sindhupalchok. A proposed plan for the construction of schools that can withstand natural catastrophes and are suitable for children´s needs was approved by the Ministry of Education in January 2016.

Nepal earthquake one year on: water the big challenge

Invitation in Thokarpa.

Michelle Hough of Caritas Internationalis visited during her working visit to Nepal the village of Thokarpa and Kitaro. She traveled with Cardinal Tagle and many other church dignitaries and colleagues from member countries of Caritas Internationalis. Her experience you can read on

Cordaid Resilient Programme in a Year Nepal 2016

Photo from the video.

Cordaid Nepal released a short video documentary on 1 year Nepal programme after the earthquake. See video here.