A journey into Haiti’s hurricane heartland

Mikai Edward 42, lost her home where she lives with her six children and husband in front of the ocean in the Zoranje neighborhood of Roche Bateau (photo: Marie Arago/Catholic Relief Services).

By Fr. Jean-Hervé Francois, director general of Caritas Haiti. "Seeing the destruction wrought by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti’s South and Grand Anse is beyond anything that we could have imagined. Our journey took us to Petit-Goâve and Vialet. Both were badly hit. Miragoane City is damaged, but greatest devastation witnessed is in the suburbs. From Aquinas to St. Saint Louis du Sud, the strong winds left trees destroyed." Read more on caritas.org.

Syrians are exhausted, warns Caritas Syria

Syrians are exhausted, warns Caritas Syria (photo: Caritas Europe).

On the occasion of the International Peace Day, Caritas Europa joins the confederation's prayers for a quick solution of all the existing conflicts in the world. Our thoughts go to everyone suffering from the misery of war. One of this conflicts is the war in Syria. After almost six years of war that have destroyed the country, killed hundreds of thousands and forced over 11 million people to move, Syrians are exhausted of the never ending violence, sadness and madness that dominate their every day life. Read more on caritas.eu.

Young Zambians learn about mother and baby care at school clubs

Group photo.

Zambia’s western province is among the least-developed areas in the country, and as a consequence, has the world´s highest death rate of mothers, newborns and children up to 5 years of age. As many of pregnant girls are of school age, the biggest priority in this region is to increase awareness about healthy maternity and to train medical staff.

Pope Francis calls for Middle East peacemakers

Pope Francis meets Caritas staff at a special event on the crises in Syria and Iraq (photo: Alfonso Apicella/Caritas).

Pope Francis met with Church workers on the crisis in Syria and Iraq 29 September in the Vatican. There were representatives of 40 Catholic aid agencies and Churches engaged there in humanitarian operations, including Caritas organisations. “Arms and oppression, hidden interests and violence continues to wreak devastation on these countries,” said the pope. “We have the impression of being caught in a spiral of arrogance and inertia from which there is no escape.” Read more on caritas.org.

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti ‘catastrophic’

Hurricaine Matthew is the most powerful hurricane to hit Haiti in recent years.

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti ‘catastrophic’ says the director of Caritas Haiti after the massive storm made landfall. Hurricane Matthew is battering the Caribbean nation with high winds, heavy rains and storm surges. The government declared a state of red alert.Towns including Tiburon, Cayes, Jérémie, Miragoane and Jacmel are on its projected path. Read more on caritas.org.

Hurricane Matthew strikes Haiti. Caritas will be arriving there in a week

Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew has affected Baie de Henne, an area where the Archdiocesan Caritas Olomous has been helping for more than ten years. Gale force winds accompanied by high waves knocked down trees and caused flooding. Residents had to be evacuated. On 11 October, two Caritas workers will be arriving to the northwest of Haiti, where the situation is becoming more dangerous.

Syria’s tragedy in black and white

Syria’s tragedy in black and white

At least 1,200,000 homes in Syria have been destroyed in half a decade of civil war, with over 10 million people forced from their homes and half the country’s cities destroyed. Nowhere is the level of destruction more evident than in the city of Homs. One of the first theatres of war between government and rebel forces, the sprawling, ancient metropolis has been turned into a post-apocalyptic landscape. Read more on caritas.org.

The campaign "For the health of Haiti" surprises with the novelties

Opening of the exhibition (photo: S. Bočková).

Olomouc - Ztracená Street in the centre of Olomouc will change into Haiti. The photographs from Haiti, where Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc has been helping for over ten years, will be displayed in some shop windows. The exhibition highlights the charity campaign "To the health of Haiti”. This year it expands from Olomouc also to Hranice, Přerov, Svitavy and Zábřeh. Guests of the selected companies will toast with a glass of tap water and pay any amount for it. Caritas will spend the raised money to make the health care accessible in remote areas of Haiti. Two humanitarian workers will head to these areas in mid-October.