People in Georgia are learning how to improve life with a handicap

One of participants.

In December 2016 Caritas Czech Republic, together with its partner organisations, presented the results of annual cooperation aimed at better availability of health and social care for people with handicaps living in Georgia.

No water in Damascus hitting hard

Damascus residents worry to get enough water to drink after their water supply was cut off (photo: Caritas Syria).

“We are back to the stone age”. That’s what a Syrian in Damascus would tell you if you ask him about the situation. The Syrian capital suffers from long electricity cuts and gas and oil shortages. People have no means of heating during these cold winter days. What makes the situation catastrophic however is a water crisis. Read more on

Sick girl from Nepal back in school

At Koshish, Bimala gradually began to react, speak and study again (photo: Caritas Switzerland).

Towels and bags are piled up along the walls of the modest temporary shelter. The stone stove near the door is equipped with only a single pan. In the middle of this mosaic of scarce belongings, an immobile figure lies curled up under a thick blanket: it is Bimala Tamang, the girl who is known for lying on the same spot for months.

Mongolia faces big chill as arctic winter worsens

Once again, thousands of nomadic herders households are under threat of what is known as “Dzud”, a Mongolian term for a severe winter in which large number of livestock die (photo: Caritas Mongolia).

This winter will likely see vast swathes of the Mongolian steppe hit by the extreme weather phenomenon known as a “dzud”. Fears are growing of a devastating humanitarian crisis. Temperatures have dropped to -50C and pasture is covered with 90 cm of snow. Some of the main roads have been closed due to the snowfall. The cold is likely to get worse say meteorologists. Read more on

Indra Kumari Dulal is helping others

Indra Kumari Dulal.

“Some of my own friends dropped out from school for marriage,” Indra Kumari Dulal, Programme Coordinator for MANK (partner organization of Caritas Czech Republic) says. “But my father gave me the chance to study. When I got married at the age of 20, he even made my husband promise that he would support my further studies after marriage.”

Three Kings help worldwide in 2016

In Africa, Three Kings helped for example in Ethiopia, Zambia and South Sudan.

Some of the funds from the Three Kings collection go to foreign projects, and in 2016, Caritas across the Czech Republic supported countries facing poverty, hunger and poor access to education or health care. The help went to the most endangered – children, seniors, handicapped people and homeless people.

People from Zambia, Palestine, Moldova, and Cambodia get a taste of a better life

Young people in Zambia are better able to stand on their own feet.

In 2016, generous donations enabled Caritas Czech Republic to assist in foreign development cooperation, especially by supporting education, agriculture and other types of healthy living, and social and health care. Special thanks to Catholic Weekly Newspaper readers who last year contributed the amount of CZK 324,961 to the campaign called "A Bit Better Life".

Warm clothes for Syria in winter

Walaa Al-Halabi, 25, received voucher from Caritas Syria. “In this difficult time, we need all kind of support, but what we need most is security, to be able to go back to our houses and get back our dignity,” she said (photo: Caritas Syria).

Winter in Syria can be harsh. The temperatures remain below zero for long stretches. The cold plummets to as low as -11. Most people can’t protect themselves. They don’t have money to buy warm clothes, stoves or blankets. Rising fuel costs make survival all the more difficult. Read more on