A Delegation from the European Union visited small entrepreneurs in Jordan

Many ways of handwork.

Over the last two and a half years, Caritas Czech Republic along with Caritas Jordan endeavoured to develop the work capacity of Syrian refugees and their Jordanian hosts. The aim being that the refugees will be able to conduct their own gainful activity. After courses in diverse skills (e. g. sewing, cooking and jewellery making courses) Caritas also provided to successful graduates with material and financial relief to establish an enterprise. Delegates of the European Union accompanied by charity workers came to see four entrepreneurs at towards the end of the program.

Career training focused on getting a job is happening at Palestinian universities

Participants of training.

On Saturday 8 October 2016, a course began at Bethlehem University designed for its students and graduates, where young Palestinians will gradually acquire key skills for getting a job. They will learn how to behave at a job interview, gain experience needed for a successful life and learn about challenges that could arise in the working process.

People in South Sudan learn how to better treat milk and meat

Men learning about meat.

Subsistence of South Sudan inhabitants largely depends on animal production. That is why Caritas Czech Republic in Narus area in Kapoeta East was learning how to treat meat and milk products to comply with sanitary conditions.

Road to raise ASD awareness in Georgia

Participants of the training (August 2016).

Since 2015 the Caritas Czech Republic has been developing and improving services for children and youth with the autism spectrum disorders in Georgia. Recently training on problem behaviour was conducted and protocol on identification, diagnostics, and management of autism spectrum disorders has been drafted which are in great need in Georgia.

Production of buffalo cheese on the Philippine island of Samar

Veronika Nožinová of Caritas CR (photo: Jaroslav Olša jr.).

Caritas Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Embassy successfully finished building a    buffalo cheese production plant in Cogun village in the Philippines. The plant will increase the number of work opportunities and also ensure better living conditions for farmers from the area of Basey in the western part of Samar Island.

Amman hosted a fair of successful small businesses

Proud new businesswoman (photo: Caritas Jordan).

Since March 2014 Caritas Czech Republic, together with Caritas Jordan, has been helping displaced Syrians and Jordanian hosts to develop skills that will enable them to build their own source of livelihood. Both organizations provided courses and subsequent material and financial support for start-ups in six areas of Jordan. They also arranged for the provision of psychological assistance and general skills training for around 1,200 people.

60,000 head of cattle were vaccinated in South Sudan

People depend on livestock here.

The cattle of South Sudan region Kapoeta East received their third of a series of vaccinations. The first vaccination had been administered by Caritas Czech Republic in 2014 because of a threat of mass death of the cattle and subsequent food crisis.

Prayers for Syria with Pope Francis

Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon (photo: Isabel Corthier/Caritas).

Everyday people in Syria become victims of a brutal war. The catastrophe worsens with battles raging in Aleppo, in Hassakeh and elsewhere. Caritas calls on churches, schools, its supporters, governments and people of good faith to join a communal prayer for Syria. Read more on caritas.org.