The Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation Department

of Caritas Czech Republic operates in many countries where it helps people affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts, educates local residents in livelihoods, cares about their health and provides various forms of social and health care.

We work on our own missions as well as with partners such as local non-governmental organizations. In the Czech Republic, we also concentrate on the area of development education and on helping foreigners in need, living in the country.


Jiří Škvor

Head of Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation Department - 

Evžen Diviš

Deputy Head of Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation Department, regional manager for Mongolia, Georgia, Moldova and Balkans -

Tereza Režnarová

Department´s assistant -   

Tomáš Přikryl 

Financial Manager –


Africa – South Sudan, Zambia

Lamis Khalil Bartuškova, Regional Manager for Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia -

Barbora Kotrčová, Programme Manager for Africa -

Aleksandra Zheleznova, Financial Coordinator for Africa-

Tea Tihounová, Head of Mission in Zambia -

Martina Havlíková, Head of Projects in Zambia -

Lucie Hrabcová, Project Coordinator for Zambia -


Middle East - Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Syria

Monika Sabolová – Programme Manager for Middle East –

Lenka Junová, Financial Coordinator for Middle East -

Pavlína Trojanová, Financial Coordinator for Jordan -


Southeast Asia - Cambodia

Zuzana Šplíchalová, Financial Coordinator for Southeast Asia -

Barbora Vlasová, Head of Mission in Cambodia -


Mongolia, Moldova, Georgia and Balkans

Tomáš Ďuraňa, Programme Manager for Georgia -

Ekaterine Meskhrikadze, Head of Mission in Georgia -  

Anastasia Para, Head of Mission in Moldova -

Petra Kožichová, Financial Coordinator for Georgia -

Ana Kremenić, Financial Coordinator for Moldova and Kosovo, programme manager for Kosovo -

Pavlína Trojanová, Financial Coordinator for Mongolia –


Global Development Education

Jiří Tillner, Programme Manager -

Jana Harušťáková, Project Coordinator - 

Šárka Zápotocká, Project Coordinator -

Petra Špiková, Financial Coordinator –



Contacts of other employees of Caritas Czech Reupublic and single Czech Caritas organizations can be found on (only Czech version).