Foreigners not only in the Czech Republic

Illustrative picture (photo: Jindřich Štreit).Caritas CR is active in the field of migration. It offers outpatient counseling and terrain forms to its clients. This service is available in six cities in the Czech Republic (Praha, Brno, České Budějovice, Litoměřice, Hradec Králové and Plzeň). Staff of Caritas CR also offer a variety of interesting integration activities, work in residential facilities for foreigners, offer direct assistance and humanitarian assistance to foreigners and support to victims of trafficking.

More than 500,000 foreigners live in the Czech Republic including those who have chosen the Czech Republic as a place for a permanent or long-term residency, who found a job or do business here, who have sought protection from political persecution or the critical economic situation in their homeland.

The coordination of migration activities

Caritas CR is engaged in coordinating activities at the national level among other Czech Caritas. The task of the migration coordinator is to provide information services and to coordinate activities within the organization as well as with partner caritas organizations. The coordinator organizes and manages regular meetings of professional colleagues for migration and refugees within the Caritas and provides training in the field of migration and integration.

Caritas Czech Republic, represented by its migration coordinator, is a member of the Committee on the Rights of Foreigners of the Government Council for Human Rights with the right to vote.

Information helpline for citizens of the Republic of Mongolia and Vietnam

The information helplines are intended for citizens of Mongolia and Vietnam living and working in the Czech Republic. Caritas CR has provided funding through various sources since January 2009. The lines help integration processes for citizens in the Republic of Mongolia and Vitenam and help them to communicate with institutions and authorities.

This project is for citizens of Mongolia and Vietnam and all others who work with the Mongolians and Vietnamese or come in contact with them. Operators speak Czech, Mongolian or Vietnamese, provide information concerning residency of foreigners in the Czech Republic, employment and related rights and obligations, health care, education, social services etc. The lines can also help contact Czech institutions that use or need interpretation assistance when they are in contact with the citizens of Mongolia or Vietnam.

The line are open three times a week:

Assistance in Mongolian and Czech language:

  • Telephone: +420 733 67 66 67
  • E-mail:
  • Yahoo chat:
  • Monday and Wednesday from 9:00-11:00 and from 14:00-16:00
  • Page in Mongolian here

Assistance in Vietnamese and Czech language: 

  • Telephone: +420 605 99 99 69
  • E-mail:
  • Yahoo chat: info_vn2012
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-12:00 and from 14:00-17:00
  • Page in Vietnamese here

The service is provided anonymously and free of charge (only charge is the price of the call).

Fundraising campaign for the family of Mykola

Mykola with his children

Mykola Shuruta (26) died on 7 December in the factory 'Borgers' in Rokycany, Czech Republic, which supplies parts for the automobile industry. A migrant worker, Mykola had come to the Czech Republic to earn money for his family from Ukraine. This fundraising campaign is organised to support the family of Mykola in this immediate period following his death, and to help solve practical issues which they are now facing. Thanks to many generous donors 87 550 crowns have been raised till the end of January.

Syria conference must invest in future for refugees

Training courses for Syrian refugees in Lebanon (photo: Matthieu Alexandre/Caritas).

Caritas agencies call on western countries to do more to help fleeing Syrians, as more than five million people have been forced to cross borders and register as refugees in neighbouring countries. They warn that a Brussels Conference on Syria this week must prioritise mobilising funds for longer-term development for Syrian refugees. Read more on

War victims from Iraqi Kurdistan deserve our solidarity

War victims from Iraqi Kurdistan deserve our solidarity

Diocesan Caritas workers from Brno visited Iraqi Kurdistan to find out how to help the local people. Iraqi Kurdistan is an autonomous entity within the federal Iraqi Republic that is suffering from a shortage of medical care because of the long standing war. Kurdistan represents one of the main defenses against ISIL.

Cardinal Tagle suggests “meet a migrant” and spread the Easter spirit

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle with his grandparents.

"My family began with the migration of a child. My maternal grandfather was born in China. His mother was very poor so she sent her son with a relative who travelled to the Philippines – and that’s where I was born and grew up," said Cardinal Antonio Tagle. Read all his Easter message on a

Caritas helps refugee camps in Greece for several months

Caritas helps refugee camps in Greece for several months.

Since January this year,Caritas Brno has sent 17 tons – in three trucks - of material help to Greece. The main recipients are Caritas Greece, their partner organization, the biggest social Clinique in Athens (Metropolitan Community Clinic Helliniko) and health organization Fair Planet, who help in the refugee camp of the former airport. With this organization Caritas also started sending medical students from Masaryk University in Brno into Athens to help the refugees.

Caritas keeps helping refugees in Greece

Health care for children (photo: Richard Bouda).

Caritas Czech Republic – Caritas Diocese Brno keeps helping refugees in Greece. There are about 80 thousand refugess here currently. So far, the help has focused on the supply of material equipment, healthcare material and teams of volunteer medical staff on behalf of Masaryk University. From now on, Caritas wants to support their partner Caritas Greece and employ new employeed to coordinate humanitarian aid.

Health mission for migrants

Martin Zatloukal during the treatment of refugee (photo: Richard Bouda).

Who are voluntary students sent by Diocesan Caritas Brno to help migrants in Greece? They answered our questions – why did they decide to participate, what did it give and take from them, what was their best experience...

Caritas Czech Republic provides material and health aid to refugees in Athens

Caritas Czech Republic provides material and health aid to refugees in Athens (photo: Caritas Switzerland).

Entrusted by Caritas Czech Republic, Diocesan Charity Brno has supplied to Athens 17 tons of material aid for the refugee camps since this January. The partner organization Caritas Greece, the biggest social clinic in Athens ((Metropolitan Community Clinic Helliniko) and Fair Planet Health organizations are the main beneficiaries of the aid. In cooperation with the latter organization, Caritas also dispatched students of the Faculty of Medicine in Brno to aid refugees in Athens. The crisis fund of Caritas Czech Republic supported the activities with the amount of CZK 138.000.