Caritas helps refugee camps in Greece for several months

Caritas helps refugee camps in Greece for several months.

Since January this year,Caritas Brno has sent 17 tons – in three trucks - of material help to Greece. The main recipients are Caritas Greece, their partner organization, the biggest social Clinique in Athens (Metropolitan Community Clinic Helliniko) and health organization Fair Planet, who help in the refugee camp of the former airport. With this organization Caritas also started sending medical students from Masaryk University in Brno into Athens to help the refugees.

Material help included durable food, footwear, clothes, hygiene supplies, diapers and baby milk. Thanks to this contribution, Caritas Greece and its branch in Athens can offer refugees at least 400 portions of warm food a day for free. Moreover, it enables the migrants to use wardrobe, children’s corner and hygiene services. Another part of the humanitarian aid consisted of medical supplies and drugs. This aid is being supported by the new cooperation of Czech medical students with the surgery that is situated in the refugee camp in Helliniko. This activity is the result of a recently signed Memorandum about the cooperation between Caritas Brno and Masaryk University.

Until September we plan to send five groups of four people, who will give basic treatment under surveillance Fair Planet doctors. But the activity of this organisation will be interrupted for the summer months and therefore students will be under the patronage of National medical agency Greece – HCDCP, where every group of medics will be working together with one attested doctor from the Czech Republic or paramedic addressed by the Czech-Greek chamber, who lives in Greece but studied in the Czech Republic,” explains the coordinator of humanitarian organisation Caritas Brno, Filip Habrman. Although the basic mission of Caritas Brno are social services to local people in need, with integration of refugees and foreigners in need he has 15 years of experience. Therefore he provides humanitarian aid within refugee crisis from September 2015 in the whole Balkan route with credentials of its national umbrella organization Caritas. So far it has worked shortly in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Macedonia, longer in Slovenia and now in Greece. Altogether it invested in helping the refugees more than 1 million CZK, imported 300 tons of material help and sent over 100 workers and volunteers into crisis points on the borders. In Greece they operate also with the approval of the Czech Embassy. “As far as I know, at this point, the Caritas Brno is the only Czech organisation helping in Greece,” says ambassador Jan Bondy.

To help people on the run is a natural thing for me. I am sure it will be a new experience for us and we are happy our knowledge can be helpful,” says Martina Žižlavská, medical student who participated in the first visit of refugee camp in Athens – Helliniko. Delivery of further material help is planned between October and November.

“Borders on the Balkan route have now been completely closed and there are about 100 thousand of people stuck in Greece. It is not a solution to pretend that it doesn’t involve us, it is our social responsibility. Therefore we consider our help in a country, that itself is going through economic crisis and where the refugee arrival culminates, as a meaningful one. All the resources connected to this help we get only from donors and exceptionally from local government as Jihomoravsky region. Our activities will continue until we use all financial fruits. Solidarity of our donors is absolutely key in this situation,” says director of Caritas Brno, Oldřich Haičman.

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Number of humanitarian bank account for help for refugees of Caritas Brno: 4211020050 / 6800

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