How to teach students about religious tolerance and critical thinking?

Teachers test ourselves one activity.

On Friday 14th October, seven teachers involved in the project entitled "We live together, we talk together - teaching tolerance and dialogue culture" met in the Marianeum training centre in Prague 2. They got better acquainted with the planned activities and survey results focusing on opinions about the integration of religious topics into schooling.

One of many activities.At the beginning of meeting the teachers discussed informal tuition methods and shared their experiences, opinions, motivations and intended objectives of teaching on themes related to religion. Afterwards, the workers of Caritas Czech Republic, ARPOK organization and Insaan presented the program content - teachers will receive technical methodology including the activities to be used in classes with the instructors assistance. At the seminar they tried out one of the activities using a method called "Philosophy for Children”. It allows students to look for answers to their questions that emphasize the development of critical thinking and respect for other opinions.

At the beginning of next year several discussion sessions will be organized. The gatherings are to be called "Living Library" and during the meetings the representatives of different religions (both Czechs and foreigners living in the Czech Republic) share their personal story as "a living book" with "readers", i.e. pupils. Partnerships with foreign schools will also be established there.

More about the project "We live together, we speak together" here.