Our representative in Kiev: all the wounded can receive help at  the centre for protesters
February 26, 2014 Europe and former USSR

Our representative in Kiev: all the wounded can receive help at the centre for protesters

Kiev/Ukraine, Olomouc, 26. 2. 2014: Our Caritas CR representative, P. Rostislav Strojvus, , has negotiated the details of providing further Caritas assistance in Kiev with the Greek Orthodox bishop. Today he will meet with the doctor who coordinated the medical assistance for Majdan.

Maidan in February 2014.In the coming days, he will visit partner organizations not only in Kiev, but also in other regions of Ukraine to discuss continuing to help people affected by poverty due to the recent unrest. Caritas CR asks the public to promote public fundraising. Through Ukrainian partner organizations, its proceeds will help the local needy especially the injured and the relatives of victims

"A family came to the medical center for the demonstrators of Majdan with a request for material to treat young soldiers wounded in the unrest. They gave them injections and apply bandages," said P. Strojvus from Kiev. "I was able to see for myself that even this aid validates our mission - that it is people in distress that is important and not who they are ," he added. First aid kits and medical gloves from ACHO sent to Ukraine last week were delivered to the centre set up by the Greek-Catholic Church.

The space under the local Greek-Catholic church provided by  patriarch Sviatoslav serves as a temporary emergency shelter for the people of Majdan. During the height of the crisis, up to 600 people took refuge there. About 20 volunteers assisted in the operation of the centre.  A warehouse was created where residents of Kiev could bring medical supplies, clothing, medicines, food packages and ready-to-eat food.

Three volunteers remain at the centre under the church and protesters are still coming. "These are people from the regions who supported, and further support Majdan," says P. Strojvus. "They come here cold and hungry, mostly with minor injuries. Many people, especially those working at the centre, see the great physical and mental exhaustion...” A smaller number of protesters at Majdan, according to P. Strojvuse, are remaining until the election.

Evidence of people accommodated in the center under the Greek-Catholic Church.No major problems were noted by P. Strojvus during his trip to Kiev. However, there are many controls. In transit Lviv alone, he passed three. It is not recommended to travel at night. A state police officer was the only member of the supervisory patrol in Kiev; otherwise there were always civilians.

Normal traffic in Kiev has not yet fully recovered, but according to locals everything is slowly returning normal.

Caritas CR continues to collect donations to help Ukraine. You may donate to collection SMS in the form DMS UKRAINE, at number 87 777. (The cost of one message is 30 CZK. Of this amount, Caritas receives 28.50 CZK. The service operates DMS Donors Forum. It is technically insured by ATS Prague. Donations may be sent to collection account 55660022/0800 by Česká spořitelna, with variable number 104.

Collection lists are also available at the headquarters of the Archdiocese Caritas Olomouc in Křížkovského 6. Caritas in Olomouc accepts cash donations.