Development Cooperation

The aim of our development cooperation is to help vulnerable people to earn a living and be able to cut loose. We also focus on health and social affairs, in which we work on systemic changes. We also pay great attention to environmental protection and sustainability.

In development projects, we emphasize the greatest possible impact of our aid and long-lasting effects. At the same time, we always take into account the local conditions and context according to which we prepare projects. We also involve local residents as much as possible in the preparation and work on the projects, which we support in the given country.

Bulding Livelihoods

Securing a livelihood and the ability to take care of yourself are among the basic requirements for a dignified life. That is why the renewal and building of livelihoods is one of the priorities of our development cooperation.

In Iraq, for example, we help locals who return to their homes to restart their livelihoods or get a new job and make a provision for themselves and their families after many years of armed conflict.

In Georgia, we are creating new job opportunities in less developed mountain regions and supporting local businesses. In Zambia, we provide support to refugees, facilitate their access to education and help them secure sustainable livelihoods.

Healthcare and Social Services

Healthcare and social services are one of the key pillars of our work. In developing countries, these areas are often insufficient, due to either poverty or a lack of professionals.

We have been helping to improve the quality of healthcare in Georgia for a long time. In the country, we are working on systemic changes in close cooperation with the local Ministry of Health. We are expanding the availability and quality of care for children with autism spectrum disorder. We are also improving the availability of cancer screening and engaging in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are also improving health and social care in Moldova, where we have already opened 10 home care centres. As in Georgia, in Moldova we are working closely with the local Ministry of Health on legislative changes.

In Cambodia, we have improved the capacity of maternal and child care hospitals.

Agriculture and Rural Development

The countryside plays a very important role in developing countries, as locals often depend on agricultural income. At the same time, mass migration is often a problem. We therefore focus on rural development, and thus preventing residents from leaving their home areas to work in larger cities.

In Iraq, we support farmers, to whom we provide seeds and tools so that they can rebuild their farms. In Zambia, we work with small growers to increase the profitability of their production, we use agricultural innovations and efficient farming methods. In Georgia, we focus on the development of the mountain region of Adjara in the west part of the country.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Climate change is already having a significant impact on our daily lives. However, the communities we work with are much more affected by the deteriorating state of the environment. When preparing and working on new projects, we therefore place great emphasis on environmental protection. We are based on a number of measures through which we promote greater environmental sustainability of our work.

At the same time, we work on specific environmental projects. For example, in Mongolia we deal with the processing and recycling of building materials and plastics, in Georgia we support responsible waste management.



Caritas Czech Republic started its development activities in Georgia in 2008. From the start of the Georgian program until 2015, CHCR projects were implemented mainly through local partner organizations. 




Caritas Czech Republic has been operating in Moldova since 2004, when it launched its first development project in the country. From the start of the Moldovan program until 2017, CHCR projects were implemented mainly through local partner organizations. 


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Caritas Czech Republic started operating in Mongolia in 2006 and two years later we opened a mission there. From the beginning, our work in Mongolia was mainly focused on development projects, but we combined humanitarian aid.




Iraq's recent history has been strongly influenced by armed conflict, sectarian violence and the volatile political situation. In recent years, Iraq has been hit hardest by the invasion of the so-called Islamic State, which has ravaged the northwest of the country and millions of Iraqis have had to flee their homes. 




Caritas CR has been operating in Cambodia since 2011. Our goal is to support sustainable development, especially in the areas of health care (ophthalmology and pediatrics), increasing the preparedness of the population to manage natural disasters and mitigating their impacts, increasing access to drinking water and sanitation, inclusive education or integration of people with shandicap into the labor market. 


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The Charity Mission of the Czech Republic in Zambia was established in May 2013 and is based in Mong, Western Province. The mission provides support for development cooperation and humanitarian aid in Zambia, in particular reproductive health and nutrition, economic empowerment through livelihoods and agriculture, and social protection for refugees.