Global education

What does child labour in a South American village, desertification, rising sea levels, and a new virus originating in one Chinese city have in common? Why should we in Czech Republic care about issues on the other side of the planet? And how can each of us contribute to creating  a more sustainable world?


These are questions that Global development education tries to answer. What is happening here and now can influence the most remote corners of our planet, and the causes and solutions of global issues are our responsibility too. Global development learning is here to help us understand the contemporary world in its historical context and to motivate us to face its challenges.

Through lectures, panel discussions, seminars with various specialists and interesting guests, and competitions for public and school events, we focus on:

  • Globalization and the how various parts of the world are interconnected, responsible consumption, and global migration
  • Human rights, discrimination, racism, gender inequality, democracy, and good governance
  • Global issues like poverty and inequality, hunger and malnutrition, environment, low education, population growth, conflicts and violence, and drought and water issues
  • Humanitarian help and development cooperation, sustainable development goals, and activities of the Czech Republic in foreign countries