Global education

Global educationThe aim of global education is to demonstrate how the whole world is interconnected and how one small event at one end of the Earth can lead to a chain reaction in all other corners of our planet. We try to show all members of society how important it is to find connections between different states, regions and continents. Global education is about understanding the necessity of mutual cooperation at the global level and the influence each of us can have on this cooperation.

In global education, we focus mainly on globalization, human rights, discrimination, racism, gender equality and global issues such as poverty and famine, and last but not least, the environment.

We organize a number of lectures, panel discussions or educational seminars with experts. We work directly with children in schools, but also offer suburban summer camps for schoolchildren.

Labyrinth 2030

Global educationLabyrinth 2030 serves as a path to global responsibility - which, as the name of the project suggests, can often be difficult. The aim of Labyrinth 2030 is to involve young people in a discussion on the topics of foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic. Simultaneously, it provides them with a platform for communicating ideas on how to solve global problems. As a motivation to come up with a solution, we also organized a competition.

Young Caritas

Young Caritas aims to give young people a voice and enable them to influence the world around them. They have the opportunity to organize educational events for the public and help in charitable health and social services.

Partnership through Dialog for Sustainable Development (Dialogue)

The purpose of the Dialogue project is to build a quality network of partners from the ranks of civil, public and private sectors and, through mutual cooperation, to actively contribute to the fulfilment of selected Sustainable Development Goals. These include Health and Quality of Life, Climate Action and Less Inequalities. These correspond to the long-term activities of Caritas Czech Republic.