Partnership through Dialog for Sustainable Development

Our goal within the Partnership through Dialog for Sustainable Development project is to build a quality network of partners from the ranks of civil, public and private sectors. Through mutual cooperation the project intends to actively contribute to the fulfilment of selected Sustainable Development Goals, to increase the impact of non-formal education activities and the development of active citizenship of young people.

The project runs through the Young Caritas platform and creates opportunities for young people to actively participate in the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals. As part of the Dialogue 2030, we contribute to the fulfilment of three Sustainable Development Goals: Health and Quality of Life, Climate Action and Less Inequalities. These correspond to the long-term activities of Caritas Czech Republic. We are convinced that only cooperation across the entire company can achieve visible results.

We respond to current topics, such as Agenda 2030, the Czech Republic's foreign development cooperation with a deeper focus on the Goals of sustainable development, partnership and involvement of young people.

As part of the Dialogue 2030, we organize panel discussions, interviews with well-known and unknown personalities or publish educational materials. Through the foreign missions of Caritas Czech Republic, we point to the global context.

Dialogue education

Health and Quality of Life

The project takes place gradually in three phases, which are dedicated to individual objectives. The first of these took place in May and June 2021 and focused on Health and Quality of Life, with the main focus on mental health. With the Talking about Mental Health campaign, we want to demonstrate to young people in particular that talking about mental health is perfectly normal and that you don't have to be alone with your problems.

Climate Action

The second topic, which we addressed from July to August 2021, is Climate Action. The main focus is on climate change issues such as drought and natural disasters. With the help of organizations and experts who focus on this topic, we point out the factual context in the field of climate change.

Less Inequalities

In the phase dedicated to reducing inequalities, we address the topic of migration and global correlations. We will take part in the Many Worlds festival, which focuses on various discussions, film screenings and photo exhibitions on the topic. The event will take place in September and October in Jilemnice. It will support the local activity of young people.

The project Partnership through Dialog for Sustainable Development for 2021 was financially supported by the Czech Development Agency.