Finished projects

MIND (Migration - Interconnectedness - Development)

The three-year Pan-European project funded by the European Commission aims to raise the awareness of the Czech general public, including political representatives, the private sector and the media, about development aid and its connection with migration. It involves eleven charities that seek the active participation of European society in development issues. This project received financial support from the European Union's Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) program.


PEACH (EU Aid Volunteers Initiative: European-Asian Partnership for Building Capacities in Humanitarian Action II)

The second project in a four-year Eurasian cooperation focuses on improving the knowledge and skills of the people of Asian countries (Nepal, India, Malaysia, etc.) and their preparedness for humanitarian disasters such as earthquakes or floods. Project activities are supported by European Commission funds. It is about developing security procedures and strategies in crisis situations at the regional level and passing on this knowledge to local charities through training and workshops, so that they can properly assess the situation and reduce the risk of disasters. We also share experiences related to working with volunteers. To streamline and speed up processes in the event of a humanitarian disaster, we have compiled a database of volunteers and recruiters from all partner organizations.

TEACH (Technical Assistance for European Caritas Organizations in Humanitarian Aid)

The project, funded by the European Commission, focuses on training the employees of Caritas and its partner non-profit organizations; the aim is to increase capacity in humanitarian aid. Within the Czech Republic, this is about streamlining the work of diocesan Caritas staff and the subsequent dissemination of information and knowledge about humanitarian aid, its principles and Caritas Czech Republic's foreign missions and volunteering opportunities for adults under the European EU Aid Volunteers program.

Sustainable cities and municipalities for development II

The project builds on the three-year cooperation between Caritas CR and the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic. It is supported by the Czech Development Agency and involves representatives of ten Czech towns and villages - Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Mníšek pod Brdy, Úštěk, Sázava, Kopřivnice, Bukovec, Havířov, Vejprty, Prachatice and Třebíč. It is about the development of competencies, practical knowledge and cooperation of local governments, local associations and residents in the operation of globally responsible activities. The project includes training for local government representatives in the field of global responsibility, including the active involvement of citizens. It‘s also about improving the knowledge of the representatives of individual cities in project management or financing, sustainable living for future generations and responsible decision-making in these disciplines.

We live together, we talk together - by teaching tolerance and a culture of dialogue

We are cooperating with ARPOK and Insaan on the project, which is intended for primary and secondary school teachers and pupils, including multi-year grammar schools. The Czech-Arab Center for Cultural Dialogue is financed by the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The aim is to bring current topics related to religion, to schools, and to integrate them into teaching. We provide support to teachers in the form of seminars, developing their knowledge of religious topics and methodological manuals. The aim is to teach students to have mutual respect and consideration for other people's spiritual values, as well as for critical thinking and exploring their own values ​​and attitudes.