Project Migration-Interconnectedness-Development or MIND in short, is being implemented by Caritas Czech Republic together with partner organizations in eleven countries throughout Europe. Together we try to spread awareness about development cooperation and it´s connection to migration. We focus on dispelling myths and prejudices related to this topic from different points of view.

Through expositions, panel discussions, round tables or living libraries, the general public can be introduced to real-life stories of people who didn´t have a choice, in cases of migration. One can have an insight of these people‘s home countries and understand why they had to leave.

The main goal of the MIND project is to make the general public understand why people move from one place to another, and what part, sustainable development plays in all this. The MIND project tries to point out the fact that migration is a natural part of our lives and that it should not be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity. Yet still, in any case, migration should be voluntary choice and not forced by war, natural disasters, climate change, famine, poverty, political, religious or ethnical persecution.

That´s why MIND is trying to raise the interest of the general public towards development and cooperation, in order to fulfill the goals of sustainable development of the UN (SDG´s), so that migration can really become a free choice.