Eleven countries, one vision.

This project, through exhibitions, panel discussions, round table discussions, and human libraries, contributed to building positive views of and encouraging active participation in a changing European society. We attempted to grow a space for people to meet so that they can understand the ties between migration and sustainable development and we found out that the response to these issues lie in practicing humanity, dignity, and respect.

Through our activities and campaigns, we have addressed civil society, political actors, media, the private sector, and others. We attempted to translate the difficult topic of development and migration into an understandable language and explain them using our personal experiences. We tried to point out the fact that migration is a natural part of our lives, and it should be viewed as an opportunity, not as a threat. It is imperative that migration should always be voluntary and not forced by war, natural disasters, environmental changes, famine, poverty, or political, ethnic, or religious persecution.

MIND was a three-year long project funded by the European Commission through which Caritas Austria (leader of the project), Caritas Bavaria (Germany), Caritas Bulgaria, Caritas Czech Republic, Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands), Caritas Europa, Caritas International Belgium, Caritas Italy, Caritas Portugal, Caritas Slovakia, Caritas Slovenia, and Caritas Sweden worked to raise public awareness on development issues and support development education in the European Union.