With Caritas at the 46th Summer Film School!
August 25, 2020 MIND

With Caritas at the 46th Summer Film School!

Once again we did not miss this year’s Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště and we were prepared accordingly. We arrived at the 46th Summer Film School with a packed program for children and adults. Theatrical productions of girls from DAMU, opening of Jindřich Štreit's photo exhibition, stage discussions, charity stand with various activities for the little ones - all accompanied by the immense enthusiasm of our entire team, which was not held back by the scorching heat.

The program began with a stage discussion with Do Thu Trang, Mai Ngoc Ming, Tereza Freidingerová and Jan Schroth in the Respekt tent, during which they shared with the audience, the reality of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic, from four different points of view. Four different professions, four different experiences, four different opinions, and one common discussion. Professional and personal, intimate life experiences shared by our guests got the Respekt tent bursting at the seams.









Another program themed Vietnamese, continued in the Culture Club, where a preview of documentary photographs by Jindřich Štreit entitled Vietnam Stories or How Vietnamese Live in the Czech Republic, took place. Radana Korená, the Director of the Summer Film School, undertook the successful opening of the exhibition in the presence of regional media. The large number of visitors had the opportunity to see intimate photographs of the Vietnamese community, to see the stories hidden behind the counters of the Vietnamese convenience stores, and to ask the author of the photographs and other experts all their questions on the spot. 









Not every theatre is like your typical theatre, the talented students of DAMU took visitors through an experiential theatrical production called 30 Days / 30 Days, enabling the visitors to have a first-hand feel of the invisible power of the bureaucratic tendencies in which foreigners living in the Czech Republic are subjected to.









Our charity stand was themed travel - the children made their passports, planned adventure trips and took home handmade canvas bags or badges. In the meantime, the adults had the chance to compete in a photography competition with the main price being a trip to Vienna.

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The charity program wouldn‘t be complete without the traditional Living Libraries; Viktor (Ukraine), Tinka (USA and Bulgaria), Mai Ngoc Ming (Vietnam) and Meghana (India) shared their life stories (and their families‘) with their readers. The friendly and open atmosphere created room for inquisitive questions and making new friends.

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