Humanitarian Aid

The purpose of humanitarian aid is to save the lives, health and fulfill the basic needs of people who have been affected by a natural disaster or war, or who suffer from instability in their country. We are helping to alleviate the consequences of the recent conflict in Iraq and the situation of refugees in Zambia.

Dwelling renovation and material assistance

Reconstruction of dwellings damaged or destroyed by the war is a necessary precondition for the affected inhabitants to return to their homes and gradually begin to build their communities. In Iraq, Caritas CR is repairing damaged homes in the province of Nineva near Mosul, where it has provided building materials and expert advice, while the beneficiaries are involved in construction work to the best of their ability.

Restoration of livelihoods

Given the limited livelihoods of areas in Iraq recently affected by the conflict, Caritas CR supports the population in order to increase sustainable household incomes and gradually reduce poverty. In this regard, it focuses on the renewal of agricultural infrastructure and the development of environmentally friendly farming in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Food aid

As a rule, food security is crucial immediately after a humanitarian catastrophe. In Iraq, where gradual stabilization is already underway, we have joined a pilot phase of a school meals program aimed at improving children's nutrition while stimulating school attendance.

Psychosocial help and protection

As the number of people returning to liberated territories in Iraq increases, so does the number of property disputes between returnees and those who have settled in temporary abandoned settlements in the meantime. The sensitive nature of the problem requires a specific approach to assistance. The reaction of Caritas CR is aimed both at the direct participants in these disputes and at representatives of local administrative authorities who are trained in mediation techniques. As a result, an institutionalized mechanism for mediation and settlement of property disputes should be established.

Water, hygiene and sanitation

The conditions in which IDPs live in Iraqi camps often require thorough improvements. Caritas CR considers reliable and sustainable solutions to the situation in the camps to be one of the most fundamental segments of quality humanitarian aid. In addition to the distribution of hygienic material, we are building sanitary facilities in camps in the north of the country.

Health care

Health protection is an essential component of humanitarian intervention. During our time in Iraq, we implemented several projects in this area. It involved the reconstruction and re-equipment of medical facilities, as well as the provision of basic health care in camps for internally displaced persons.

We provide humanitarian aid in the following two countries

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Iraq's recent history has been strongly influenced by armed conflict, sectarian violence and the volatile political situation.


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The Charity Mission of the Czech Republic in Zambia was established in May 2013 and is based in Mong, Western Province.




We are currently mainly repairing war-torn houses in the Idlib province in northern Syria.




The country's capital, which has been crushed by a deep economic crisis in recent decades, has been hit by another devastating disaster in the form of a massive explosion after the coronavirus epidemic.