Humanitarian Aid

The purpose of humanitarian aid is to save the lives, health and fulfil the basic needs of people who have been affected by a natural disaster or war, or who suffer from instability in their country. At the same time, we provides victims of disasters with psychological and material support and help them to cut loose.

Humanitarian aid is most often needed in crisis caused by war or natural disasters, such as floods, extreme droughts or earthquakes. We have been involved in helping people affected by the wars in Iraq, Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh, working with refugees in Zambia, but also providing assistance to victims of the Beirut Lebanon explosion or extreme frosts in Mongolia.

Although we emphasize development cooperation in our work, we are aware that humanitarian aid is absolutely essential in the event of disasters and war conflicts. We provide assistance to their victims, especially in the following areas.

Food Aid

The provision of basic primary foodstuffs is crucial immediately after a humanitarian catastrophe. In addition to traditional food distribution, we have also been involved in supporting school meals in Iraq, which aims to return children from poor families to schools.

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

Access to drinking water and adequate hygiene and sanitation are essential to prevent the spread of serious infectious diseases and humanitarian disasters.

Providing Shelter and Restoration of Housing

The first step after the disaster is to provide temporary shelter in the area of housing, but very soon the damaged homes are being restored to allow the return of the affected residents to their homes as soon as possible.

Psychosocial Support

Any disaster, especially if it is associated with the loss of health, life, one's own home or violence, is psychologically very demanding. We therefore provide psychological care for victims, among other things.

Healthcare and Drug Distribution

The provision of health care and the distribution of drugs are an essential component of humanitarian aid.

Irák 2


Iraq's recent history has been strongly influenced by armed conflict, sectarian violence and the volatile political situation.

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We are currently mainly repairing war-torn houses in the Idlib province in northern Syria.

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The aftermath of the Beirut explosion: Caritas helped 301 896 people
June 15, 2021 News

The aftermath of the Beirut explosion: Caritas helped 301 896 people

200 people were killed and thousands injured as a result of the Beirut explosion in August 2020. Caritas Czech Republic opened a fundraiser in order help the victims of the blast. Czech donors donated more than 2 million Czech crowns. Thank you! How did we use the money?

Khaled from Gaza: I was playing with my nephews when a bomb hit our house
June 11, 2021 News

Khaled from Gaza: I was playing with my nephews when a bomb hit our house

The recent violent escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel was ended by a ceasefire agreement. Although the situation in Gaza has improved, the consequences of airstrikes still last and the people in Gaza need immediate assistance. Out of the house where Khaled Al Manfoukh, a young Palestinian, lived remain only rubble. He is not alone. 72 000 people were internally displaced as of 25th of May 2021 with only the sight at the ruins that they used to call their home remaining.

People in Gaza need immediate medical assistance
May 18, 2021 News

People in Gaza need immediate medical assistance

People in Gaza are at the mercy of intense air bombardment with nowhere to flee for safety. The worst escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in last ten years has claimed the lives of more than 200 people. Local Caritas Jerusalem is ready to respond to the urgent needs of the thousands injured and the thousands of people forced to leave their homes either because they were destroyed or because they tried to save their lives.

Wardé: Caritas helped me carry on
April 8, 2021 News

Wardé: Caritas helped me carry on

Wardé, a 63-year-old nurse and mother of three, smiles as she tells her unbelievable life story. One would not say how much suffering she had in her life. Death of a son, marriage to a drug addict, loss of her own home and an explosion in the capital of Lebanon, where she lives. Caritas helped Wardé to keep fighting. For her children, home and a better life.