Where We Help

Caritas Czech Republic carries out humanitarian aid and development cooperation in the following countries:

Other Caritas from Czech republic carry out various programmes abroad (most Caritas have websites only in the Czech language, except Praha, České Budějovice and Ostrava-Opava):

Our programs and projects relate to education, restoring livelihoods and improving the skills and knowledge of local partners. More information about our projects can be found on the page How We Help.

What future for Syrians in Turkey?

One of four Child Friendly Centres in Hatay, Turkey (photo: Caritas).

Education is one of the key challenges for the Syrian refugees living in Turkey. Since the war began in 2011, 3 million refugees have come to Turkey. Half of them are children. Initially, those who could afford it sent their children to Syrian-curriculum private schools. Now it’s possible for their children to go to Turkish schools. Read more on caritas.org.

Study shows the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan on the lives of small-scale farmers

Rice and Vegetable Value Chains Affecting Small-Scale Farmers in the Philippines.

Following the global wide response to the biggest typhoon ever recorded on the Earth, super typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda), Caritas Czech Republic is supporting agri-businesses of small-scale farmers in Samar Island on Philippines, one of the hardest hit area affected by Yolanda.

„Peace is possible in Syria“ says Pope Francis in support of Caritas campaign

„Peace is possible in Syria“ says Pope Francis in support of Caritas campaign

Pope Francis is urging governments to find a political solution to the war in Syria as part of the Caritas global campaign "Syria: Peace is Possible". "I would like to address all the faithful and all of those who work with Caritas to build a just society,” said Pope Francis in a specially recorded video message. “Everyone has to recognise that there is no military solution for Syria, only a political one,” said the Pope. “The international community must therefore support peace talks towards the building of a national unity government.” Read more on caritas.eu.

Pope Francis: “Peace is possible in Syria”

Pope Francis.

Pope Francis about Syria where the war is in its fifth year now. He wants to turn to all the faithful and those that are committed, with Caritas, to the construction of a more just society. He encourages all, adults and young people, to live the Holy Year of Mercy enthusiastically to overcome indifference and proclaim with strength that peace in Syria is possible. See all video here.

Georgian experts got to know Czech way of taking care of people with autism

Children in inclusive kindergarten “Zajíc”.

Between June 19 and 24, Georgian experts who care for people with autism disorder had the opportunity to learn our system of complex care for these people, including preschool education.

The Caritas Czech Republic finished its activities for strengthen a social protection of children

The Caritas Czech Republic finished its activities for strengthen a social protection of children.

The final conference, in which the Caritas Czech Republic’s activities towards strengthening the social protection of children in Moldova were evaluated, occurred on Tuesday, 14th of June 2016, in Chisinau. Workers from the Caritas presented specially designed methods and gave examples of their uses in practise. This event commenced with the speech of Viorica Dumbrăveanu, Deputy Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Republic of Moldova.