Where We Help

Caritas Czech Republic carries out humanitarian aid and development cooperation in the following countries:

Other Caritas from Czech republic carry out various programmes abroad (most Caritas have websites only in the Czech language, except Praha, České Budějovice and Ostrava-Opava):

Our programs and projects relate to education, restoring livelihoods and improving the skills and knowledge of local partners. More information about our projects can be found on the page How We Help.

Cardinal Tagle meets migrants workers in Lebanon (video)

Cardinal Tagle.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Caritas Internationalis President and Archbishop of Manila, went to Caritas projects for migrants during a visit to Lebanon on 28 February to 2 March. He went to safe houses, a detention centre, a school and celebrated Mass. See video here.

European expertise advances Mongolia’s green development

A Mongolian trainee from the Greener Construction project is awarded a certificate by Mr Breid, CEO of Renewables Academy (RENAC), upon successful completion of a week-long training in Berlin in February (photo: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility).

"At the beginning of 2010, there's been a construction boom in Mongolia, especially in the capital Ulaanbaatar. There was little awareness about the environmental issues of the construction sector, out-dated standards and little attention paid to insulation", says Thibault Chapoy, Head of Mission of Caritas Czech Republic. Read more on switch-asia web.

The Ukrainian Mission I.

Car of Caritas.

Archdiocese Caritas of Olomouc workers are currently in Ukraine. The journey through cities and villages are on the programme during which they will visit individual charities, children’s homes and areas of social entrepreneurships such as the Kolomyia farm.

Quarter of South Sudanese face hunger

The South Sudan conflict has put 3 million children at risk of malnutrition and disease (photo: Caritas Austria).

Millions of people in South Sudan are in desperate need of aid as the country faces its worst food crisis since independence in 2011. Caritas staff say the health risk to women, children and the elderly will intensify without greater humanitarian intervention. Over 40,000 people in Unity State are threatened by famine as the lean season peaks in May. Around 2.8 million people in South Sudan are in need of aid – a quarter of the population. Read more on caritas.org.

Caritas Internationalis discussed the impacts of El Niño in Rome

Water shortage in Ethiopia (photo: Lenka Huberová).

The impact of the 2015-16 El Niño weather phenomenon has been one of the most intense and widespread in the past one hundred years. The agriculture, food security and nutritional status of 60 million people around the globe has been affected by El Niño-related droughts, floods and extreme hot and cold weather. While the El Niño itself has passed its peak and is now declining, its impact is still growing.

Cardinal Tagle visits Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Cardinal Tagle on an aid distribution to a refugee camp in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley (photo: Caritas).

“We who have visited these people, have seen that these are not just refugees, these are human beings,” said Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Caritas Internationalis President, on a visit to a Syrian refugee camp in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon, 28 February to 2 March. Read more on caritas.org.