Where We Help

Caritas Czech Republic carries out humanitarian aid and development cooperation in the following countries:

Other Caritas from Czech republic carry out various programmes abroad (most Caritas have websites only in the Czech language, except Praha, České Budějovice and Ostrava-Opava):

Our programs and projects relate to education, restoring livelihoods and improving the skills and knowledge of local partners. More information about our projects can be found on the page How We Help.

“We want to support Balkan countries,” says representative of Caritas upon his return from monitorin

“We want to support Balkan countries,” says representative of Caritas upon his return from monitoring trip.

With commission from Caritas Czech Republic, Diocesan Caritas Brno took a monitoring trip from October 14 to 19 to assess the refugee crisis, in order to further help the best way possible. Transport of material aid to refugees was also part of the trip.

Edna and Amos, primary school pupils, can already earn their own money

Edna Kekelwa.

Edna and Amos, primary school pupils, can already earn their own money by creating a business plan and preparing for their own business undertakings. A good entrepreneur should be innovative, hard-working, and have precision in bookkeeping. He or she should also be customer-oriented. Children from two primary schools in the Zambian region of Mayukwayukwa learned that and much more during entrepreneurship classes last week.

Typhoon Koppu, Philippines

Ilustrative picture.

Typhoon Koppu, known localy as Lando, hit the Philippines on October 14, 2015. It’s effects were mainly felt on the largest island of the Philippines, Luzon, in the north of country. The typhoon caused heavy rains , devastating floods and landslides after hitting seven regions in the central and northern part of Luzon. The tropical storm was accompanied by torrential rainfall that has yet to stop. Today, October 20, the storm struck the archipelago of Calayan and Bubayan.

The Council can still prove at the Valetta summit that humanity and solidarity are fundamental Europ

Illustrative picture.

Caritas Europa regrets that the European Council’s decisions of 15 and 16 October 2015 are not responding to Europeans’ plea to address the current migration situation with humanity and solidarity. Read more on caritas.eu.

Haiti is disturbed by unrests. Kristyna is back

Kristýna Lungová (photo: Jiří Pasz, ACHO).

Haiti is an island where tropical storms, hurricanes, kidnappings and the protesters igniting barricades on the roads are very common issues. Kristyna Lungova, a humanitarian worker on behalf of Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc, arrived to help the poor residents of the island state in the Caribbean. Kristyna, with the help of a local nurse, treated and checked on over 400 villagers; she also provided medications and managed to establish cooperation with other Charities. According to her, the health situation in the northwest of the country is daunting. Moreover, Haiti is becoming precarious at the time of the presidential elections. You may receive more information about it in the interview below.

Global Hand Washing Day celebrated in South Sudan

Hand Washing Day (logo).

Since 2008, the 15th October has been celebrated as Global Hand Washing Day, as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). In South Sudan, the day is linked with aims to triumph over cholera. The disease has affected the country from mid-May 2014, when there was an outburst of the epidemic in the capital Juba and its close vicinity.