Where We Help

Caritas Czech Republic carries out humanitarian aid and development cooperation in the following countries:

Other Caritas from Czech republic carry out various programmes abroad (most Caritas have websites only in the Czech language, except Praha, České Budějovice and Ostrava-Opava):

Our programs and projects relate to education, restoring livelihoods and improving the skills and knowledge of local partners. More information about our projects can be found on the page How We Help.

Aid in Ukraine lacks interest and financial support

Humanitarian aid from Poland and Germany.

"We're not doing enough. Nobody is discussing how the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine is affecting 1.3 million people who have had to leave behind their homes and everything they once had," says Erik Heinonen, the Program manager of the American charity Catholic Relief Services for Ukraine.

Ecological construction course in schools is successful

Handing over GCP training course ceremony with Construction Polytechnic College (2014, Sep 4).

Caritas CR in Mongolia would like to decrease the impact of climate change and its risks through a production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials using fly ash. The first activity focusing on ecological construction in Mongolia started in 2012.

Monsoons in Nepal make the delivery of help difficult

Manindra Malla from Caritas Nepal giving the package of humanitarian aid.

The Caritas team left to Sindhupalchowk, a region in Nepal, at the end of June to provide help to people affected by the earthquake in April. The vehicle with packages left over the night, however, our employees journey was halted in the early hours of morning due to a landslide cause by heavy rain. There have been similar situations like this in July.

Pasiya, Bwembyaa Erick – trainees, whom Caritas CR enables a new start

Mukasya Pasiya.

Caritas Czech Republic has helped refugees from Angola get better jobs as well as to people from Zambian through courses in professional skills in learning centres established in the Maukwayukwa and Meheba regions. It’s because most of the locals and the biggest number of Angolan refugees lives in this part of Zambia.

South Sudan has twenty new veterinary workers

Veterinary team in action (photo: Lenka Huberová).

Since 2014, Caritas Czech Republic has been constructing veterinary administration in the area of Kapoeta East in the South Sudanese state Eastern Equatoria, where, among others, trainings of selected veterinary staff take place.

The second phase of an EU-funded project in Jordan is approaching the end

Women from Syria have received their certificate (photo: Rudi Koegler).

The European Union has awarded a grant of 1,2 million JOD (more than CZK 41 million) to support refugees from Syria and socially disadvantaged Jordanians who suffer from the effects of the crisis in the Middle East.