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Caritas Czech Republic has started being active in Zambia in 2013. It has a project which aim is to improve mother and baby care.

Information about activities in Zambia in 2015 (both in English and Czech) here.

Good Bye, Tea!

Good Bye, Tea!

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Tea Tihounova, our Head of Mission in Zambia, a wonderful leader, dear friend, the embodiment of kindness, and a truly rare soul.

New library for Zambia students

New library for Zambia students

In September 2017, Caritas Czech Republic began the construction of a Library at Mayukwayuka Primary School in Kaoma District Western province. Mayukwaukwa primary school provides basic education to more than 2000 refugees including the Zambian host community children from grade one to nine in Mayukwayukwa Refugee Settlement. However, since the establishment of the school there has never been a library in the whole district until now.

New projects in Zambia already running

Opening of the new project in Zambia

In Zambia took place an official launch of CCR´s agricultural projects to which the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Zambia Mr. Radek Rubeš, the Head of the provincial administration Mr. Simuchi and representatives of all the districts involved were present. This  project is funded by the Czech Development Agency until 2021.

Childbirth care in Mongu in Zambia is improving

Midwife delivered a baby in LGH.

Caritas Czech Republic has been attempting to reduce the maternal and new-born death rate since March 2013. The rate is very high in Zambia, especially in the area of Mongu. In 2000, the rates were the following - 610 women per 100.000 live births died giving childbirth, 169 children out of 1000 did not  reach the  age of 5  and 100 babies out of 1.000 did not reach the  age of one. In 2015, only 224 women per 100.000 died during childbirth, 64 children before the age of 5 and 43 babies before the age of 1. But it’s true that the rates for the West Province are higher than the national average.

Young Zambians learn about mother and baby care at school clubs

Group photo.

Zambia’s western province is among the least-developed areas in the country, and as a consequence, has the world´s highest death rate of mothers, newborns and children up to 5 years of age. As many of pregnant girls are of school age, the biggest priority in this region is to increase awareness about healthy maternity and to train medical staff.

School for midwives in Zambia received Toyota Land Cruiser car

School for midwives in Zambia received Toyota Land Cruiser car.

On January 26th, 2016 the introductory speech was given on the occasion of the ceremony of the presentation of a Toyota Land Cruiser car in Mongu, the Western Province of Zambia at 10.00 am. Caritas CR has been entrusted with the use of the car for the school of midwives in Lewanika. The school is focused on improving the quality and availability of care for mothers and children in this area.

“Never Give Up” was the motto resonating in the Zambian meeting

Veronika Jelínková about activities in Ethiopia.

A meeting of all the Caritas CR employees working in Zambia took place in mid January. The meeting was attended by six representatives from the Czech Republic and twelve local employees divided into three teams from three different areas.

"I live to be an entrepreneur!" is the motto of Zambian fair

Elementary school pupils from Shibanga.

Caritas Czech Republic cooperates with local governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations which make efforts to improve living conditions of former Angolan refugees and their hosts in Mayukwayukwa in Zambia.