In November 2013, typhoon Haiyan hit part of the Philippines and devastated large areas of several islands. Thousands of people in a short time found themselves without a roof over their head. Unfortunately, more than five thousand Filipinos have also become the victims of the typhoon. Immediately after the disaster, CCR declared a financial collection and participated in large-scale humanitarian assistance via global Caritas network.

After providing food, water, shelter, the restoration projects in the affected area have followed in the form of renewal of schools or support for agriculture, which include low cost rice cultivation, cultivation of alternative crops and the use of natural fertilizers.

Information about activities in Philippines in 2015 (both in English and Czech) here.

Angie Labado about the help of Caritas Czech Republic

Angie Labado.

Angie Labado (24) talking about organic agriculture in the Philippines. Caritas Czech Republic was working here from the year 2013 (typhoon Yolanda) till spring 2017. All projects are now in the hands of Philippines farmers. See video HERE.

Thesis about rice in Philippines was awarded

Awarded authors.

The research paper entitled “Rice and Vegetable Value Chains Affecting Small-Scale Farmers in the Philippines” authored by Dr. Buenaventura Dargantes, Cheryl Batistel, and Joviel Teves and published by Caritas Czech Republic was cited as an international book publication by the Visayas State University.

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Caritas honours ‘Yolanda’ heroes during 3rd ‘Yolanda’ anniversary

One of the hero of the documentary film.

The Catholic Church through its social action arm, the National Secretariat for Social Action (NASSA)/Caritas Philippines, recognized the heroism of supertyphoon Yolanda survivors from the nine worst-hit provinces during the third Yolanda commemoration activities held today in Leyte.

Production of buffalo cheese on the Philippine island of Samar

Veronika Nožinová of Caritas CR (photo: Jaroslav Olša jr.).

Caritas Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Embassy successfully finished building a    buffalo cheese production plant in Cogun village in the Philippines. The plant will increase the number of work opportunities and also ensure better living conditions for farmers from the area of Basey in the western part of Samar Island.

Filipinos from Cogun village start producing their own buffalo cheese


On Friday, 21st October, Caritas Czech Republic passed the management of a newly built buffalo milk processing plant in the village of Cogun on the island of Samar to local residents.

Study shows the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan on the lives of small-scale farmers

Rice and Vegetable Value Chains Affecting Small-Scale Farmers in the Philippines.

Following the global wide response to the biggest typhoon ever recorded on the Earth, super typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda), Caritas Czech Republic is supporting agri-businesses of small-scale farmers in Samar Island on Philippines, one of the hardest hit area affected by Yolanda.