Countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union

Caritas CR operates in Europe and some countries of the former Soviet Union, namely:

Launch of sheep shearing in Tusheti!

Launch of sheep shearing in Tusheti (photo: P. Zahradník).

The Tusheti breed of sheep is distinguished by a number of unique qualities; its wool works as an excellent thermal insulation and its meat is exceptionally tasty. Sheep shearing in Tusheti began in August of this year. In order to earn the highest quality material possible, the sheep need to be cared for in specific ways. Further, better shearing equipment is also needed.

Caritas CR is supporting humanitarian aid for refugees in Serbia

Caritas CR is supporting humanitarian aid for refugees in Serbia

Caritas Czech Republic released from its emergency fund 10,000 EUR (approximately 270,000 CZK) to help refugees in Serbia. This amount was arranged by Caritas Serbia and will support the humanitatiran project to help refugees.

Caritas launches appeal to help refugees in Serbia

Refugees and migrants in Subotica and Kanjiza, waiting to leave northern Serbia for Hungary. Daniele Bombardi/Caritas Italiana

The number of migrants and refugees entering Serbia has increased drastically since mid-June. Caritas Serbia is looking to respond to the needs of 100,000 people with an appeal for Euro 800,000. Read more on

Caritas Ukraine does not give up on helping in the country

Caritas Ukraine does not give up on helping in the country (photo: Caritas Ukraine).

The riots are still ongoing in the east of Ukraine. It has already impacted 1.4 million internally displaced persons and another one million asylum seekers in bordering countries. A quarter of a million suffer from the lack of food, medicine and shelter. As a result of the conflict nearly 7,000 people were killed and over 17,000 were wounded in the east of the country.

Holiday activities for children from Bendery

Kids participate in regular painting course in the city of Bendery / Caritas Moldova.

A new course of wall rug making has open for boys in the day-care centre in a Transnistrian city of Bendery. Caritas CR supports the centre on a long-term basis. From the sales of the handmade products, the children raised enough money to attend several exhibitions and pay for a guided tour in the capital city.

Georgian Mountain Slopes Benefit From Planting Fruit Trees

Fruit Nursery in Dioknisi (photo: Vojtěch Kubec).

Work continues to revive the traditional crops in the district of Khulo in the remote Adjara region of Georgia. Mountain slopes in the region of Maniakethi are planted with young trees of sour cherries, cherries, plums and hazelnuts by local farmers over 1.5 hectares. Newly restored benches will be covered by consumer grapes and blueberries.

The family of sick Madlen receives 67 500 CZK from Czech donors

Madlen and her adoptive grandpa.

In 2001, there were fights in the capital of Chechnya, Grozny. The country's second war devastated health infrastructure and the lives of many people. And that's when Madlen was born, the child of a single mother, which in itself was a big problem.

Aid in Ukraine lacks interest and financial support

Humanitarian aid from Poland and Germany.

"We're not doing enough. Nobody is discussing how the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine is affecting 1.3 million people who have had to leave behind their homes and everything they once had," says Erik Heinonen, the Program manager of the American charity Catholic Relief Services for Ukraine.