Countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union

Caritas CR operates in Europe and some countries of the former Soviet Union, namely:

Road to raise ASD awareness in Georgia

Participants of the training (August 2016).

Since 2015 the Caritas Czech Republic has been developing and improving services for children and youth with the autism spectrum disorders in Georgia. Recently training on problem behaviour was conducted and protocol on identification, diagnostics, and management of autism spectrum disorders has been drafted which are in great need in Georgia.

Caritas Armenia helps disabled children and their families in “Emil’s Sun”

Caritas Armenia helps disabled children and their families in “Emil’s Sun”.

“Every child has the right to go to school and have access to education, including children with disabilities, this is our philosophy” explained Tigranuhi Akopyan, the director of the daily center of Caritas Armenia “Emili Aregak” or “Emil’s Sun”.

Cancer – no longer a taboo in the Georgian region of Samegrelo

Conference about cancer in Georgia.

In Georgia, where cancer is still stigmatized, Caritas ČR conducted  two training sessions in September, along with a conference and a meeting for raising awareness about the prevention and treatment of cancer.  Besides the general public, the local doctors also benefited from the opportunity to increase their knowledge.

Training on inclusive education at kindergartens kicks off in Kishinev

Illustrative picture.

An introductory seminar to a series of training sessions focused on inclusive education of very young children will take place in the Moldovan capital today. Pavel Trousil, the programme manager for Moldova, will conduct an opening speech at the event, followed by a speech by Kateřina Šilhánková from the Czech embassy.

How did children from Bendery enjoy their summer holiday?

Swimming pool.

From all the population groups in Moldova, the most severely affected by the unstable economic situation in the country are children who live in incomplete, dysfunctional or socially weak families. In Bendery, one of Moldovan cities, a day centre has been active for thirteen years, whose aim is to protect the rights and interests of children and youth, develop their skills, and prepare them to be independent. Besides this, the centre’s staff tries to ensure that the children enjoy the summer.

Ukraine is worthy of our help

Ukraine is worthy of our help.

For 17 years, he volunteered enthusiastically in Transcarpathia. Evžen Adámek, the director of the Caritas Znojmo, came back from a humanitarian mission in the east of Ukraine at the turn of August and September. How was the journey, what does he like about Ukraine, and why does he think that Ukraine is often ignored?

Summer school for the political participation of young people

 Friendly atmosphere.

Summer school for the political participation of young people took place in the autonomous territorial entity of Gagauzia in the south of Moldavia. This provided teenagers from ten different urban areas to discuss the topics relating the participation of teenagers in social and political life.

Ukraine´s humanitarian crisis

 Caritas established Child-Friendly Spaces to help traumatised children to cope and to integrate into their new environment (photo: Caritas Europa).

The crisis in Ukraine is the biggest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen since the Second World War in terms of numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and persons who have left the country. More than 1.7 million IDPs are registered with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, while more than 1.3 million have left Ukraine to neighbouring countries. More than 5 million people have been affected by the conflict, which is now in its third year. Since 2014, 9,553 people have lost their lives due to shelling and fighting and 22,137 people have been wounded. Read more on