Countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union

Caritas CR operates in Europe and some countries of the former Soviet Union, namely:

Final preparations for building an Oncology Screening Centre in Zugdidiare underway

Meeting with the local mayor (photo: autonomy in Zugdidi).

In the first week of June, the employees of Caritas Czech Republic , along with Czech Development Agency representative and architect Vít Rejšek made a trip to Georgia to continue their preparations for building an oncology screening center in Zugdidi. They have established closer cooperation with local goverment and adjusted construction documents.

Improving protection for domestic violence victims in Serbia

Group photo.

In mid-May a three-day training event on the topic of psychosocial support for the victims of domestic violence took place in Serbia. The training was organised by Caritas Czech Republic and the non-governmental organisation Oaza Sigurnosti for twelve future trainers.

The Gold in the Fleece: Remembering Lost Knowledge

Illustrative picture.

Georgian journalist Vazha Tavberidze interviewed Caritas workers who trains herders living in the region Tusheti in the correct procedure of shearing sheep. He added a historical context of a long tradition of local pastoralists. Read more on a website

Young Moldovans enjoy exhibition on human rights and democracy

Group photo with Magdaléna Jochcová of Caritas Czech Republic.

In relation to Europe Day (May 9), an exhibition called “Gagauz Youth for Europe!” took place in the village of Congaz on Saturday, May 14. Groups of students and teachers form ten schools involved in Caritas CR’s awareness-raising activities in the area of human rights and European values prepared the exhibition as a part of the EU Democratic Values Week in April 2016.

Serioshka to undergo another surgery thanks to Czech donors

During the invitation.

Serioshka Andronic, a 19-year-old from Moldavia, suffers from a pathological contraction of muscles due to cerebral palsy, which he had in childhood. Caritas Czech Republic focused on his treatment for the first time at the end of 2012, when a fundraising campaign was held. Thanks to the campaign, Andronic underwent two operations and is about to get ready for another one.

War-torn Ukraine needs aid

Luba is one of the many elderly and very vulnerable people supported by Caritas in the village of Torietsk (photo: Irene Broz/Caritas).

Luba is a kind looking and lively lady, with a moon shaped face and high plump cheekbones. She is wearing a colourful headscarf like most women in her village of Torietsk, which lies on the frontline in Ukraine’s civil war. Read more on

Artists in Georgia support autistic persons

Visitors in front of the exhibits.

On World Autism Awareness Day (2nd April 2016) an exhibition in support of people affected by autism spectrum disorder was held in the building of Tbilisi City Council. More than 100 visitors of the event were welcomed by the First Lady of Georgia, Maka Chichua.

New site on autistic spectrum disorders launched in Georgia on World Autism Awareness Day


April 2 marks World Autism Awareness Day. In Georgia, the day was celebrated by an event attended by more than 50 visitors, which was organized by Caritas Czech Republic and the Institute of Child Development at the Ilya State University. The event included the presentation of a research study as well as a new website dedicated to the development of a child suffering from autism spectrum disorders at an early age and the viewing of a video raising public awareness about the condition.