Countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union

Caritas CR operates in Europe and some countries of the former Soviet Union, namely:

Public collection for Ukraine

The new shovel for the majority of poor households means luxury.

In June 2015 the Caritas CR discussed with the Association of Private Agriculture CR the possibility of organizing a public collection for Ukraine. In the beginning of July, the collection was publicly announced in the magazine Selská Revue and it was held from 31 August to 25 September 2015. There were nine collection points in nine regions all over the Czech Republic, namely in the regions of Plzen, Litoměřice, Český Krumlov, Prague, Benešov, Žďár nad Sázavou, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Kroměříž a Tábor. The collections were transferred to Ukraine in the course of the first week in November.

A new training module for all specialists in inclusive education

The workshop was moderated by Serghei Lysenco (in orange shirt).

From November 2015, a new training module for Moldavian specialists in early childhood inclusive education has been updated. The former version of this module was designed for teachers involved in the programme “Education for everybody” or “Global partnership for education”.

Meeting at the Comrat University yielded promising plans for the future

Meeting at the Comrat University yielded promising plans for the future (photo:

On 30 November 2015, a public meeting at Comrat University was held, which focused on Including youth in public life in the town. Together, 101 visitors of different ethnic groups from the autonomous region of Gagauzia met on university grounds, including: students alone, members of so called action groups formerly established by Caritas CR, local citizens, journalists and representatives of towns involved in Caritas CR activities.

Mzia from Georgia: I beat cancer and founded my own club


Caritas CR workers met in Guira province in the town of Lanchkhuti, Georgia for training in oncological diseases. There they met Mzia, a woman who had beaten cancer and founded a women’s club in Lanchkhuti. She talked to Jana Kopriňáková about her experiences and what she learned from her illness.

Chisinau began activities for the implementation of inclusive practices in pre-school education

Katerina Šilhánková, Radka Bzonková, Viorica Marț, Virginia Rusnac, Lilia Pavlenco, Igor Andrei, Natalia Zotea, Andrei Gîrleanu, Sergei Lysenko, Secu Victoria, Olga Sevciuc and Emilia Ştirbu.

On November 19th, 2015, an initiation meeting for the implementation of inclusion in pre-primary education called“Partnership for inclusion“ took place in Chisinau. The meeting was attended by its direct partners, representatives of the organisation Woman and Child – Protection and Support and the representatives of the Republic’s centre of psycho-pedagogic support, ADRA and other organisations working in this area. The initiation was presented by Sergei Lysenko, a specialist on informal education, and it was also attended by honourable guests from the Czech Embassy in Chisinau. Each guest had chance to comment on the plans.

Young people from Batumi took to their first website

Workers of Caritas Czech Republic decorated sidewalks and city walls.

Caritas Czech Republic supports the involvement of young people in Batumi into the issues of public life. According to public opinion research the Batumian students and all young people aged 14 to 29 realize that they get little information about educational and work programs as well as about cultural events offered by the local town hall or many NGOs.

Agriculture in Thuseti and Adjara seen through the eyes of a volunteer

Agriculture in Thuseti and Adjara seen through the eyes of a volunteer.

Jana Koprivňáková works as one of our volunteers in Georgia where she helps with administrative work. Recently, she visited the regions of Thuseti and Adjara, where Caritas Czech Republic runs several projects aimed at supporting traditional agriculture such as traditionally growing potatoes, wool production and planting fruit trees as a measure against erosion and landslides. Read about Jana’s experience.

Members of cooperative Tusheti farm familiarized with the modern production of potatoes

In the region of Javakheti farmers familiarized with the modern production of potatoes.

On November 28th to 30th 2015 a study tour for members of a cooperative farm and other farmers from Tusheti, Georgia was held. The tour was part of Caritas CR’s larger undertakings in the region of Javakheti.