Countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union

Caritas CR operates in Europe and some countries of the former Soviet Union, namely:

Life on Ukraine’s frontline

Life on Ukraine’s frontline

“The only thing that survived was the icon,” said to Patrick Nicholson of Caritas Internationalis Valentyna Dzyhim, a 79 years old grandmother who lives in Chermalyk, a village on the frontline of Ukraine’s civil war. In the ruins of her house, she holds the icon, of the Madonna and Child, a family heirloom dating back to the 19th Century. Read more on

HomeCare Association receives two national awards

Director of HomeCare Association, Tamara Adasan, holds the awards. To the right of her stands representative of CCR in Moldova, Olga Sevciuc. Women are accompanied by other employees of the Association.

A Moldovan Association called HomeCare, one of Caritas CR’s partner organizations, recently received two important awards from the Moldovan Ministry of Health and from the Parliament of Moldova.

Caritas on Ukraine's frontline

Workers of Caritas Ukraine

Caritas Ukraine provides humanitarian aid in Ukraine and helps civilians in combat zones. You can see video of the frontline trip here.

World Diabetes Day events take place in Moldova

Detection of blood sugar.

For the third time already, Moldova joined events organized in connection with World Diabetes Day, which takes place on the 14th of November every year. Although diabetes is a disease that can be successfully prevented by a healthy lifestyle, there are, according to official sources, at least 80 thousand people suffering from the disease in Moldova. Indeed, it is likely that many cases still remain undetected.

Support for early diagnosis and alternative forms of communication

Kateřina Thorová during the training on diagnosis (photo: Rusudan).

Two training courses designed for Georgian specialists and staff of the Institute of Child Development were organized by Caritas Czech Republic in Tbilisi in the first half of November. The training courses focused on alternative forms of communication and the early diagnosis of children and young people suffering from autism spectrum disorders. Both courses took place at Ilia State University under the guidance of experienced Czech specialists from the APLA Association of Czech Republic.

Tbilisi came alive with conference on Autism

During the conference (photo: Rusudan).

The conference on “Autism: current trends and challenges in Georgia,’’ was held at Ilia State University in Tbilisi on 11 November, 2015 and was attended by nearly 100 representatives from national, regional and non-governmental institutions that work with people suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Caritas has distributed food packages to people in conflict-affected areas in Ukraine

Woman waiting to the food package.

Since 15 October 2015, humanitarian worker P. Rostislav Strojvus has been operating in the Donbas region where a gunshot fire was still heard only a few days ago. As a part of his surveillance journey, he was involved in the delivery of the latest food packages to the people affected by armed conflict in Ukraine. Thanks to the joint efforts of Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc and Diocesan Caritas Ostrava-Opava, a total number of 440 hygiene kits and food packages, each worth 41 EUR, were given to people in need.

Report on helping in Ukraine

Food package.

From the 15th until the 25th November 2015, the workers from the humanitarian department of DCHOO and ACHO undertook a monitoring journey of the humanitarian project and they had the chance to take part in handing over the last packages to people affected by the conflict in Donbas in Ukraine.