Countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union

Caritas CR operates in Europe and some countries of the former Soviet Union, namely:

Implementation of home care in south Moldova well underway!

The renovated building from the outside - Ceadir Lunga.

In August 2015, representatives from Caritas CR signed an agreement with local governments in Caedir Lunga and Stefan Voda to provide premises for new home care centres free of charge. The buildings for the centres were chosen by personnel from local governments together with representatives from local hospitals: it was important that the centres were close to the existing medical facilities.

Training for social workers is already in progress

Group photo.

November 2nd, 2015 held the first of a series of training courses designed for social workers dealing with abandoned children. Improving the knowledge and skills of care workers and social workers will contribute to higher quality relationships with the children.

Autism training in Prizren city

Participants of autism training in Prizren city

This year, experts from the Czech organization, the Association to Help People with Autism (APLA), carried out their third training program of the year at the Early Diagnosis and Care Centre in Prizren, Kosovo. From October 1st till 4th, 2015, Roman Pesek introduced the topic of autism to employees and parents whose children attend the Early Diagnosis and Care Centre.

Youth participation in decision-making processes in Gagauzia

A group of young active people, CAG members of the village Vulcanesti (photo: AO Success).

Students from five cities in Southern Moldova experienced first-hand what it means to be an "active citizen" and bring about positive changes to society. These students were members of local action groups in Gagauzia generated through the involvement of Caritas throughout the year.

Georgian health and social workers change their attitudes towards people with disabilities

Participants of the training.

On 2nd and 3rd October 2015 training for health professionals and social workers was held in the Georgian town Zugdidi. It was focused on overcoming the common obstacles faced by people with disabilities when visiting a doctor or staying in hospitals. Right at the beginning, participants got familiar with what forms of disabilities there are.

Support for diagnosis of children with mental development disorders

Kateřina Thorová (left) and Veronika Šporclová (right) from APLA organization with staff of the Centre (photo: Leke Laçi).

In the first half of September, Caritas Czech Republic, in collaboration with Caritas Kosovo, organized two training sessions focusing on the education and diagnosis of children and youths with autism spectrum disorders in the Kosovo town of Prizren. Training was held at the Centre for early detection and early intervention for local workers under the guidance of experienced professionals from the Czech Republic APLA organization.

End of mission in Chechnya

End of mission in Chechnya.

Caritas Czech Republic concludes their mission in Chechnya. After 15 years of humanitarian and development work, Caritas Czech Republic terminated its activities in Chechnya. The reason is, among other things, a continued decline of donors’ interest in Chechnya.

850 Moldovans to be trained in child protection

The title page of training manual.

In August 2015, Moldovan experts, mainly from an organization called SocioPolis, finished six months work on materials for instructors and social workers active in the area of child protection. This included materials for tutors in family-type children’s homes, specialists from social centres and employees of relevant local institutions. A Czech expert, Petra Winnette, Ph.D, helped with the preparation of the materials.