Building of Oncology Centre in Zugdidi

Full name of the project: Building and promotion of Oncology Screening Centre in Zugdidi

Duration of the project: September 2015 to December 2017

Project partners:

  • Cancer Prevention Centre (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  • Tanadgoma (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Project focus: Health Care

Aim: Contribute to the fulfilment of Georgia's National Programme for screening in the prevention and early diagnosis of cervical cancer and breast cancer.

Target group:

  • Workers of Cancer Prevention Centre
  • Inhabitants of Samegrelo Province

Country/region: Zugdidi, Samegrelo Region / Georgia

Description of the project:

Georgian health care has undergone a series of ineffective reforms after the collapse of the USSR. Despite significant progress in recent years, it is still subject to criticism because of inadequate access for the poor, its substandard quality and lack of basic equipment. Many patients undergo inappropriate treatment because of misdiagnoses, while the prevention system is almost not working in Georgia.

In many places, diagnostic services are entirely absent, as local private oncology centres provide only chemotherapy. Patients have to travel long distances to medical facilities in Kutaisi and Tbilisi to receive their diagnoses, which reduces their usefulness for the inhabitants of the Samegrelo region.

Therefore, the Georgian government has adopted the National Cancer Control Strategy, which should increase the expertise of physicians and also provide access to professional health services for cancer patients.

Caritas Czech Republic is currently building a new oncology screening centre in Zugdidi, which will be handed over to Georgian organization Cancer Prevention Centre once it is complete. Afterwards, the building will be equipped by mammography for the diagnosis and prevention of female breast cancer, a colposcope for cervical examinations and an operating room. So the Samegrelo region will have their own well-equipped workplace together with professional medical staff.

Caritas Czech Republic is cooperating with local organisation Tanadgoma and also through information campaigns to spread information about new possibilities in the prevention and treatment of cancer among the inhabitants of the Zugdidi Region.

Total budget: 7 000 000 CZK

Donor: Czech Development Agency