People in Georgia are learning how to improve life with a handicap

One of participants.

In December 2016 Caritas Czech Republic, together with its partner organisations, presented the results of annual cooperation aimed at better availability of health and social care for people with handicaps living in Georgia.

Conference took place in a hotel Holiday Inn Tbilisi.A meeting of social workers, doctors and health care workers, representatives of nongovernmental agencies and workers of the Agency for Social Services took place in the Holiday Inn hotel in Tbilisi. They discussed the problems faced by people with handicaps when they use health and social services.

For example, the Georgian Company for Health Law and Bioethics reported on its own experience with operating a help line. People with handicaps battle not only with physical and financial barriers, but also with the lack of information about available programs or about their undeniable civil rights. There is insufficient support for  training those  who work with  people with handicaps, so they try to respond to it by training doctors from the countryside and Tbilisi in basic questions about the care of people with handicaps.

It is possible to change the situation with further campaign by Caritas Czech Republic and the integration of social workers into the system of primary care in Georgia. Based on its experiences, the Georgian Association of Social Workers believes that multidisciplinary teams formed by health care workers and social workers increase the level of health care and social services for people with handicaps.

This project was supported from the resources of Czech Development Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within the program of foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic.

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