A guide for better care for children suffering from autism issued in Georgia

Caritas Czech Republic increased the qualifications of professionals who take care of persons with the autism spectrum disorder in Georgia.  In November 2016, 34 experts from various organizations from Tbilisi and the surrounding regions attended a five-day training on "Evaluation of basic language and learning skills." They learned about the modern methods for assessing individual development and educational plans for children with autism.

On Friday, February 10, 2017, the participants of the autumn training session met again to work on the  publication of the methodology guide called "Evaluation of basic language and learning skills", which, thanks to the support of Caritas Czech Republic was issued in the Georgian language. Jan Černík, a representative of the Czech Embassy in Georgia, also handed out course completion certificates to the participants. .

Development of services for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders in Georgia was supported by the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a part of the Program for Foreign Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic.