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The first project of Caritas CR helping Kosovo's inhabitants focused on sign language, English courses, and IT courses, arranged in the blind and deaf and dumb social center. In 2013, the Caritas returned to the country with a project for employment support in northern Kosovo region, i.e. to improve informal and lifelong learning of local inhabitants, especially for those who are long-term unemployed as well as school and high school teenagers.

Information about activities in Kosovo in 2015 (both in English and Czech) here.

Autism training in Prizren city

Participants of autism training in Prizren city

This year, experts from the Czech organization, the Association to Help People with Autism (APLA), carried out their third training program of the year at the Early Diagnosis and Care Centre in Prizren, Kosovo. From October 1st till 4th, 2015, Roman Pesek introduced the topic of autism to employees and parents whose children attend the Early Diagnosis and Care Centre.

Support for diagnosis of children with mental development disorders

Kateřina Thorová (left) and Veronika Šporclová (right) from APLA organization with staff of the Centre (photo: Leke Laçi).

In the first half of September, Caritas Czech Republic, in collaboration with Caritas Kosovo, organized two training sessions focusing on the education and diagnosis of children and youths with autism spectrum disorders in the Kosovo town of Prizren. Training was held at the Centre for early detection and early intervention for local workers under the guidance of experienced professionals from the Czech Republic APLA organization.