Caritas Czech Republic has been helping in the Republic of Moldova for many years. Since 2004, we have supported young people and families helping create new jobs. In addition, we helped several villages in Transnistria acquire farm machinery, so that villagers could be economically self-sufficient. Crafts classes for children from socially disadvantaged families are another example of how Caritas Czech Republic has helped Moldova.

Currently, we focus on social and health care and on supporting agriculture. We work on various projects, such as one that deals with abandoned children.

Information about activities in Moldova in 2015 (both in English and Czech) here.

Training on inclusive education at kindergartens kicks off in Kishinev

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An introductory seminar to a series of training sessions focused on inclusive education of very young children will take place in the Moldovan capital today. Pavel Trousil, the programme manager for Moldova, will conduct an opening speech at the event, followed by a speech by Kateřina Šilhánková from the Czech embassy.

How did children from Bendery enjoy their summer holiday?

Swimming pool.

From all the population groups in Moldova, the most severely affected by the unstable economic situation in the country are children who live in incomplete, dysfunctional or socially weak families. In Bendery, one of Moldovan cities, a day centre has been active for thirteen years, whose aim is to protect the rights and interests of children and youth, develop their skills, and prepare them to be independent. Besides this, the centre’s staff tries to ensure that the children enjoy the summer.

Summer school for the political participation of young people

 Friendly atmosphere.

Summer school for the political participation of young people took place in the autonomous territorial entity of Gagauzia in the south of Moldavia. This provided teenagers from ten different urban areas to discuss the topics relating the participation of teenagers in social and political life.

How is Serioshka spending the summer?


At the beginning of July, one of our colleagues travelled to Moldova to see how Sergiu Andronicov and his father are doing – who had received a donation which had been raised at the beginning of this year. The money will be used to pay for another one of a series of surgeries to treat a medical condition the  young man has  which involves abnormal  muscle contraction resulting from  cerebral palsy he suffered as a child.

Working in Moldova on inclusive kindergartens

During the training.

Caritas Czech Republic in Moldova has been taking care of vulnerable children over a long period of time. Since October 2015, Caritas has focused on the inclusion of children with special educational needs into regular kindergarten. There is currently training in all districts of Moldova, where teachers, administrative staff and representatives of public administration meet to discuss the integration process in more complicated cases.

The Caritas Czech Republic finished its activities for strengthen a social protection of children

The Caritas Czech Republic finished its activities for strengthen a social protection of children.

The final conference, in which the Caritas Czech Republic’s activities towards strengthening the social protection of children in Moldova were evaluated, occurred on Tuesday, 14th of June 2016, in Chisinau. Workers from the Caritas presented specially designed methods and gave examples of their uses in practise. This event commenced with the speech of Viorica Dumbrăveanu, Deputy Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Republic of Moldova.