We provide food and non-food items to internally displaced population.


We help residents and Syrian refugees in Jordan.


We provide food items, non-food items and health care to internally displaced people in Syria. 


We help to social disadvantaged.

Middle East

In March 2012, Caritas Czech Republic announced the collection of humanitarian aid to refugees due to the conflict in Syria who have left their homes and sought help either in other cities in the country or in neighboring countries. Caritas CR is currently working with Caritas Jordan, Caritas Lebanon and local voluntary organizations in Damascus. The basic support is providing vouchers for food, clothing, shoes or providing support for housing.

"All my memories about Raqqa are wonderful," said Rabba Lissa

Rabba Lissa is strong woman (photo: Patrick Nicholson/Caritas).

"Life in Raqqa used to be good We had sheep, some land, water. When the problems with ISIS started there, we left for Damascus. We managed to get out before they cut the roads. All my memories about Raqqa are wonderful. ISIS are not good. They stole our land, they killed people. By the time we’d left, there were no jobs left. People were very afraid. We sold our properties and left. Now the house and the farm land have been completely destroyed by the bombing," said Rabba Lissa (60). Read more HERE.

"We survived because we ran on time"

Badia and her only daughter (photo: Patrick Nicholson/CI).

“ISIS took control of my suburb in Aleppo, there was terrible suffering. ISIS men controlled everything to buy. It became very expensive. People were being killed in their homes in Aleppo. If a woman wore green or red, they would attack her. If she was beautiful, they would take her and rape her and use her as a slave. Our neighbour was taken, and when she didn’t come back the husband killed himself," said Badia Mehmid (35), mother of nine children. Read all story on a Patrick Nicholson´s photo gallery HERE.

Caritas Czech Republic is setting up its own branch in Iraq to be closer to the needy

Children are the most endangered (photo: Mishraq Qadissiyah/RNVDO).

Between last  December  and January this year, Caritas Czech Republic in cooperation with the Polish organization Polish Humanitarian Action and Iraqi RNVDO, managed to distribute 800 packages of humanitarian aid close to Mosul battle lines. Now Caritas Czech Republic is establishing its own branch in Iraq.

Six years in Syria

Six years in Syria.

The war in Syria began on 15 March 2011. Six years later, the country has been left devastated. Caritas works both inside Syria, in neighbouring countries which host the bulk of the refugees and across Europe where hundreds of thousands have fled in search of safety.

Caritas Internationalis website: 6 years of war in Syria

War in Syria lasts 6 years (photo: Patrick Nicholson/Caritas).

The war in Syria began on 15 March 2011. Six years later, the country has been left devastated. “We appeal for peace,” said Caritas Syria President Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo. “We need peace and reconciliation. Peace is possible in Syria!” Caritas Internationalis published a new website dedicated to the crisis. See it HERE.

No water in Damascus hitting hard

Damascus residents worry to get enough water to drink after their water supply was cut off (photo: Caritas Syria).

“We are back to the stone age”. That’s what a Syrian in Damascus would tell you if you ask him about the situation. The Syrian capital suffers from long electricity cuts and gas and oil shortages. People have no means of heating during these cold winter days. What makes the situation catastrophic however is a water crisis. Read more on

People from Zambia, Palestine, Moldova, and Cambodia get a taste of a better life

Young people in Zambia are better able to stand on their own feet.

In 2016, generous donations enabled Caritas Czech Republic to assist in foreign development cooperation, especially by supporting education, agriculture and other types of healthy living, and social and health care. Special thanks to Catholic Weekly Newspaper readers who last year contributed the amount of CZK 324,961 to the campaign called "A Bit Better Life".

Warm clothes for Syria in winter

Walaa Al-Halabi, 25, received voucher from Caritas Syria. “In this difficult time, we need all kind of support, but what we need most is security, to be able to go back to our houses and get back our dignity,” she said (photo: Caritas Syria).

Winter in Syria can be harsh. The temperatures remain below zero for long stretches. The cold plummets to as low as -11. Most people can’t protect themselves. They don’t have money to buy warm clothes, stoves or blankets. Rising fuel costs make survival all the more difficult. Read more on