New tender - Evaluator of the project in Mongolia

We are looking for the implementer of external evaluation of the project in Mongolia - "Supporting a greener and more energy efficient construction sector in Mongolia."

All information you can find here:

Terms of Reference for External Project Evaluation

Service Contract

Formal evaluation standards

International call for tenders

CCR Czech Republic published a call for tenders for organizing a training on Energy audit and Energy building declaration for state Mongolian auditor in a European country. The training is part of the project Supporting a greener and more energy efficient construction industry. In this document, you may find details of the call.

Closing the flood emergency aid centre

The flood emergency aid centre in Londýnská Street in Prague 2, which received material aid for the regions affected by the floods, is open until 28th June 2013. The material donation centre at Záběhlická 72, Prague 10 continues to be in operation, 24 hours a day. We thank everyone who took part in the flood relief. We distributed all the donated material among the people in the affected areas.

Memory of Václav Havel

Václav HavelOn Sunday 18 December the man to whom we owe the return of freedom in our country has passes away. "Václav Havel was primarily a man who laid the foundations of a free and active civil society, and staunchly defended it all his life," said the director of Caritas Oldrich Haičman.

Director for Caritas Georgia

Caritas Georgia has announced a tender for a new director of the organization, among other things, responsible for the management and coordination of Caritas, for the preparation and implementation of strategies for its development. The Director will manage the organization in accordance with Georgian law and international standards of Caritas (including Caritas Europa). You may find more information about the position on Careers.

Mongolian herdsman Erdene-Orgi lost 60 head of cattle

One of the calves that survived.

Dzud emergency response field team of CCR facilitated to deliver food items to Mr. Erdene-Orgi Tseveg’s home as he was unable to come by himself to the food distribution in Delgerekh soum of Dornogovi aimag on April 16, 2016.  During his home visit, there was a brief discussion about winter-spring situation.

Caritas Walking Together

Caritas Walking Together

Caritas Internationalis can achieve more as one human family together. See video here.

The Gold in the Fleece: Remembering Lost Knowledge

Illustrative picture.

Georgian journalist Vazha Tavberidze interviewed Caritas workers who trains herders living in the region Tusheti in the correct procedure of shearing sheep. He added a historical context of a long tradition of local pastoralists. Read more on a website

Shelter priority one year after Nepal quake

Mother and child in front of CGI sheet shelter built by Caritas at Kantitar in Kavrepalanchowk district, 45 kms east of Katmandu, April 2016 (photo: Matthieu Alexandre/Caritas).

Caritas is investing €36.4 million over three years to help Nepal’s earthquake survivors as the country marks the first anniversary of the disaster. A major focus of the global confederation’s work will be on providing good quality housing. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April followed by another on 12 May 2015 left almost 9000 people dead, caused numerous casualties and destroyed many homes and buildings. Read more on