Where we operate

Georgia vineyards


In Georgia, we emphasize the development of health and social care, while supporting agricultural and rural development.

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Iraqi agriculture


We support the renewal of the country and the people returning home after the war. We help with the reconstruction of housing and infrastructure as well as livelihoods and small businesses.

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In Cambodia, we focus on health care, helping to manage natural disasters and integrating disadvantaged people into the labor market.

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In cooperation with our partner Caritas Lebanon and other European Caritas’, we are helping the victims of the Beirut explosion to get back on their feet.

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Moldova home and social care


In Moldova, we focus on the development of health and social services, home care and the support of civil society.

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Environmental protection, sustainable development and careful waste management are a priority for us in Mongolia.

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20150916_plavani do Evropy (2)


We mainly focus on the repairs of war-torn houses in the province of Idlib in northern Syria. Although we do not have a local branch office in the country, we work on reconstructions with a partner non-profit organization.

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Zambia refugees


In Zambia, we focus on supporting refugees, primarily through the development of livelihoods and self-sufficiency, and we also focus on supporting farmers, small business owners and vocational training.

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