Slepa mapa_Moldavsko 2015 orezCaritas Czech Republic has been operating in Moldova since 2004, when it launched its first development project in the country. From the start of the Moldovan program until 2017, CHCR projects were implemented mainly through local partner organizations. In 2017, the Caritas Czech Republic mission in Moldova was established, which was registered under the name Pro-Development later that year.

Within the framework of foreign cooperation in the Moldova region, Caritas Czech Republic focuses mainly on home care, health care, the development of civil society, agriculture, livelihood support and social inclusion. Currently, the country is implementing projects aimed at developing affordable, high-quality and sustainable social services, strengthening the operational and financial sustainability of the domestic services sector, involving volunteers and trainees, and increasing the capacity of professionals. Last but not the least, it also aims to build mutual trust among the inhabitants through the coordination of primary health care services on both sides of the banks of the river Dniester.