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We have been helping in Moldova since 2004, firstly operating mainly through local partner organizations. In 2017, we established out own country office, which was registered under the name Pro-Development.

In Moldova, we focus on the development of social and health services, and efficient waste management. To help refugees coming from the warn-torn Ukraine, we have expanded our work to humanitarian assistance as well.

004925_05_103997Humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees

Hundreds of thousands of refugees from neighbouring Ukraine have already entered Moldova, which is a challenge for the Europe’s poorest country. Caritas Czech Republic is helping more than 210,000 of them. In Moldova, we are equipping refugee centres, providing immediate financial support to refugees to cover basic needs and increasing access to health and psychosocial services.

Development of social and health services

We have opened 11 home care centres in Moldova. We have provided health and social services to more than 20,000 people in need. Thanks to the development of telemedicine in Moldova, locals can benefit from remote health consultations. These services are helping people in distant regions while helping Moldova's overburdened health care system. We have also trained over 5,000 doctors, nurses and social workers. We are working closely with the Moldovan Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection to develop legislative changes leading to an effective homecare and social care system.

004418_05_092514Efficient waste management

Rural regions still struggle with illegal dumping sites and often lack an efficient waste management system. We are helping local institutions with functional and sustainable management. We also organise workshops for local residents so that they can contribute to waste reduction and recycling themselves.




Caritas Czech Republic helps Ukrainian refugees in Moldova cope with winter
January 18, 2023 CCR-Moldova

Caritas Czech Republic helps Ukrainian refugees in Moldova cope with winter

People running from the war left almost everything at home, including winter clothes. Caritas Czech Republic supports Ukrainian refugees to survive harsh winter conditions. Around 2,000 Ukrainian refugees accommodated in Gagauzia (Moldova) will receive support to buy winter clothes. The initiative is part of Caritas Czech Republic's winter support activities for Ukrainian refugees and aims to cover the additional needs that winter usually brings for people.

Best of 2022 in Caritas Czech Republic
January 5, 2023 News

Best of 2022 in Caritas Czech Republic

It sounds like a cliché, but 2022 really was a year like no other. At Caritas Czech Republic, we were fully immersed in helping people affected by the war in Ukraine. We immediately sent humanitarian aid to the country, and we also supported refugees from Ukraine in Moldova and in the Czech Republic. Our help did not stop there. We supported farmers in Zambia to withstand climate change, helped people in Iraq rebuild their livelihoods, and much more. Take a look at our biggest achievements of 2022.

Best of 2022 in Caritas Czech Republic in Moldova
January 4, 2023 CCR-Moldova

Best of 2022 in Caritas Czech Republic in Moldova

After pandemic years, 2022 came with new challenges for Moldova and for the local Caritas Czech Republic team. At the beginning of the year, the outbreak of the war in Ukraine prompted us to quickly join the humanitarian efforts and help Ukrainian refugees. At the same time, we continued with our activities focused on home-based care, integration of technology in social and medical services and efficient waste management. Look at the most significant results of Caritas Czech Republic in Moldova in 2022.

6 ways Caritas Czech Republic still supports people affected by the war in Ukraine
December 16, 2022 News

6 ways Caritas Czech Republic still supports people affected by the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been going on for more than half a year. During this time, millions of people have lost their homes, their ability to provide for their families, and their normal, decent life. From the first day of the war, Caritas Czech Republic has been helping Ukrainians who are suffering because of Russian aggression.