Slepa mapa_Irak 2015 orezIraq's recent history has been strongly influenced by armed conflict, sectarian violence and the volatile political situation. In recent years, Iraq has been hit hardest by the invasion of the so-called Islamic State, which has ravaged the northwest of the country and millions of Iraqis have had to flee their homes. To this day, many people do not have adequate shelter, access to basic services or a source of livelihood.

Caritas Czech Republic started operating in Iraq in 2015, and since then our activities have focused primarily on providing the much-needed humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable groups. We focused on providing basic health care as well as supporting refugees and internally displaced persons.

In recent years, the situation in Iraq has begun to stabilize, and so Caritas is gradually adjusting its activities to include projects to repair war-torn homes or help people return home after the war. Through our activities, we try to support both returnees and vulnerable groups, as well as the functioning of local government and the local economy. We currently have a head office in Erbil, Kurdistan, and several regional offices in other provinces.


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