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Caritas Czech Republic began its development activities in Georgia in 2008. Initially, we operated in Georgia through local partner organizations, but we established our own branch here in 2015, which enabled us to offer high-quality, timely and well-resourced development aid. Currently, Caritas Czech Republic has its main office in Tbilisi and a regional branch in Khulo, Adjara.

Health Service

In Georgia Caritas provide help to people with autismHealth and social care is our “flagship” in Georgia. We collaborate closely with the local Ministry of Health (MoILHSA), and we fundamentally participate in reforming the Georgian system of primary health care.

We aid the most vulnerable groups of people, such as children with severe disabilities and with autism spectrum disorders. We train physicians to recognize autism in its early stages, organize training for behavioral therapists, and in collaboration with the Georgian Ministry of Health, we implement systemic changes which further improve services for persons with autism.

In Georgia, we also raise awareness of the importance of cancer prevention, and we make cancer screening more accessible. In October 2019, we established a screening center in the city of Zugdidi, which helps to improve early testing of a number of common types of cancer for nearly half a million people living in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

In 2020, we also reacted quickly to needs brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. To treat COVID-19, we remotely trained Georgian physicians from rural areas. In collaboration with the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC), we built a laboratory information center for efficient surveillance of COVID-19 and also an integrated system which manages the electronic queue for vaccination against COVID-19.

Rural Development and Responsible Waste Management

Georgian farmersIn remote mountain areas, where the majority of people are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, we support local businesses, and we create new jobs so that locals do not have to leave their home region. For example, we helped build an organic farm and a traditional crafts studio. In the upper Adjara region, we helped create more than 200 jobs.

In the Georgian mountain areas, we help to develop waste management infrastructure and raise local awareness of waste sorting and recycling.

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Jiří Škvor says Georgian mission is perfectly functioning
August 12, 2021 CCR-Georgia

Jiří Škvor says Georgian mission is perfectly functioning

In July 2021, Caritas Czech Republic's mission in Georgia went on a two-day retreat that effectively contributed to the mission’s team building, revealed achievements and failures, and helped to outline the organization’s future strategies. Jiri Skvor, Head of Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation Department of Caritas Czech Republic also participated in the event. Afterward, he got acquainted with the CCR-supported projects in rural Georgia and met with high-ranking representatives of our local and international partners. At the end of his visit, Jiri assessed the mission, “perfectly functioning, full of dedicated and experienced professionals, carrying very strong expertise.”

24-year-old Akaki Sells Traditional Rachian Wine on European and Asian markets
August 6, 2021 CCR-Georgia

24-year-old Akaki Sells Traditional Rachian Wine on European and Asian markets

Georgia is the homeland of wine. That is proved by the 7 000-years-old signs of winemaking found by archeologists and Georgians spirit for viticulture. More than 500 varieties of vines are grown in this small country of Caucasus, including Alexandrouli and Mujuretuli – the species from which 24-year-old Akaki Siradze produces one of the most famous Georgian wines named Khvanchkara. In order to support a young winemaker's business sustainability as well as its expansion during the pandemic, with the funding from SlovakAid, Caritas Czech Republic delivered three stainless steel cisterns to Akaki's unique winecellar.

65-Year-Old Nani Proves Early Diagnosis of Cancer Saves Lives
July 15, 2021 CCR-Georgia

65-Year-Old Nani Proves Early Diagnosis of Cancer Saves Lives

Thanks to the Zugdidi Screening Center built by Caritas Czech Republic (CCR), a 65-year-old woman – Nani Saghrishvili learned about breast cancer diagnosis at an early stage and has already defeated the disease. "As my doctor tells me, from now on I can say goodbye to cancer forever" says Nani with joy.

In 2021, Caritas Czech Republic celebrates six years of its mission in Georgia
May 31, 2021 CCR-Georgia

In 2021, Caritas Czech Republic celebrates six years of its mission in Georgia

The year 2021 Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) marks six years since the registration of its branch in Georgia. In 2015, the local representation of CCR was officially registered as “Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia”. Since that time, Czech Caritas has implemented about twenty development projects and improved the lives of thousands, focusing in particular on people with disabilities, children with autism, and people living in mountainous regions.