About us

Caritas Czech Republic (pages in Czech here) is a non-profit organization belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. Caritas CR provides a wide variety of services to those in need, including operating a wide network of social and health services, organizing the Three Kings collection, and providing humanitarian aid and development cooperation in countries affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts. Caritas CR operates as an association of more than 300 smaller organizations and as a member of both Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa, has partners around the world. 

The mission of Caritas CR is a service of merciful church love to people in danger or need, regardless of their age, gender, political beliefs, family structure, health status, sexual orientation, social and economic situation and the status of their affiliation to any ethnic or national minority, faith, religion and culture.

Humanitarian Aid & Development Cooperation Department's Vision

Our vision is of a civilization of love and justice where every human person can flourish and live in peace and dignity as part of one human family.

Our Mission

We have a heartfelt commitment to fighting poverty and social exclusion, and promoting truly integral human development, social justice, and sustainable social systems in the Czech Republic and throughout the world.

Some of the countries we currently work with include Mongolia, Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, Zambia and Ethiopia. To see a list of all countries Caritas Czech Republic is involved with, visit Where We Help.

Education, improvement of livelihood and improving the knowledge and skills of our local partners are some of our long-term priorities. Some of the diocesan caritas also support and carry out a Child Sponsorship program. In the Czech Republic, Caritas Czech Republic focuses on the area of global development education and helping foreigners in need who live in the CR. For more details, visit How We Help.

Caritas Czech Republic is a member of the Caritas Internationalis network, an association of 162 national Caritas organizations and a member of the Caritas Europa. Thanks to these memberships, Caritas Czech Republic has partners in many countries and is able to provide fast and effective relief with minimal side costs.

Additional Values of Caritas Czech Republic

As a Caritas Internationalis member

The Caritas network offers established partners in intervention countries, allowing assistance to begin without setting up a formal structure. Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) can move quickly and use local know-how to begin an effective intervention without a set-up period.

National Caritas organizations can provide logistic and administrative support in challenging areas in intervention countries. Where registration or a local partner is needed, CCR has an immediate starting point.

The Caritas Internationalis network offers CCR cooperation with trusted and efficient NGOs from around the world. CCR has a history of receiving funding and know-how from various CI partners.

As a Czech organization

Caritas Czech Republic is a Czech organization that works to share Czech experience with partner organizations. The Czech Republic has a history of societal reform and offers a special insight.

The Czech Republic is still in transition, and is seen as a partner in sharing knowledge for a developing country, sector or organization.

The Czech Republic and many priority countries have a shared history of communism and transformation. This common history links us and builds on the good name of the Czech Republic.


Our website is available also in Czech.