Internships and volunteering

The Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation Department of Caritas Czech Republic offers many opportunities to get involved in our projects through internships or volunteering activities and experience what it is like to work in our organization. Opportunities are open to all who are interested and want to support and enable the further development of our work. Students and recent graduates can complete an internship with us according to the specific focus of their studies, while foreign students can apply for an Erasmus+ internship. We have obtained an accreditation in the field of volunteer service which is being awarded by the Czech Ministry of the Interior and we are certified under the European Commission's EU Aid Volunteers programme.

Stážistka Adéla
'The rather intensive experience from working in a non-profit is great. I can do what I enjoy and help people at the same time. It makes me feel good, and also my karma is improving.'

Adela, Communication Intern


Who is the internship for?

Anyone who has the possibility to be part of our team for 3-6 months (at least 20/h per week) can apply. In addition to students, enthusiasts with a sincere interest in gaining experience in a non-profit organization working in humanitarian and development projects can also apply.

What skills should you have?

We are an international team, candidates should have a very good command of English and excellent communication skills, good knowledge of MS Office (especially Excel) is also essential. Depending on the focus of the internship, additional experience such as writing and editing skills or work with specific applications may be required.

How can I help as a volunteer?

Volunteer activities allow for short- and long-term involvement in our department depending on the type of activity (proofreading, help with organizing educational activities, etc.). In particular, reliability and the ability to meet agreed deadlines are required as well as motivation to participate in non-profit sector. 

What can we offer you in return?

The opportunity to work with a great team of open and enthusiastic people, to deepen your existing knowledge under the guidance of experienced professionals, the opportunity to make new contacts and the chance for future long-term cooperation. We will be happy to provide you with a certificate of completion of your internship, volunteering or Letter of Recommendation.

How can you get involved?

Internship in development and humanitarian aid projects

Are you interested in working on projects, the opportunity to participate in the preparation of grant applications and the administration of ongoing ones? The Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation internship is designed especially for those who want to get a taste of working on development projects and are interested in working with Regional Managers, Head of Missions and a wide range of other colleagues from project teams.

Stážistka Dominika

'During my studies at university I was already interested in development cooperation and humanitarian aid, so thanks to the Erasmus+ programme I took the opportunity to do a graduate traineeship at Caritas Czech Republic. I am currently working on the preparation of development projects in the Western Balkan countries. During the first month of my internship I had the opportunity to see how things work in the non-profit sector and to gain valuable experience in the development field in such a short time, for which I am very grateful.'

Communication internship

Do you enjoy writing, working with texts of all kinds and would you like to contribute to the communication of Caritas Czech Republic's foreign projects? During the internship in our communication section you will have the opportunity to get involved in writing and editing articles for our websites, creating posts for social media or helping with the preparation of our regular newsletter. However, depending on your interest, it is possible to get involved in many other activities, such as preparing campaigns, editing photos and videos or graphic works. 

Adéla Karlová

'I immediately got on well with the communication team and I also appreciated the flexibility. Both regarding working ours – I can arrange my work as I need – and the work itself. I really enjoy that we discuss everything in advance, including what I will be doing, what I want to learn or try. The fact that Caritas has missions in various countries, also allows me to – at least virtually – travel to such far places as Mongolia or Zambia.'

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning & Scale-up Strategy Unit Internship

Are you interested in Knowledge Management, organisational memory and data collection and analysis? The MEAL & Scale-up Strategy Unit will enable you to get involved in our work by collecting data on Caritas Czech Republic's activities from previous years and creating reports on our activities in countries where we have worked in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. The internship also includes the opportunity to participate in the screening and analysis of monitoring processes and tools that are now being used at our missions.


'I applied for the internship to get an idea of the running of a non-profit organization focusing on, among other topics, development projects and humanitarian aid. In the MEAL unit, I mainly worked on data organization, through which I gained, among other skills, a higher level of knowledge of MS Office and experience working with applications such as Power BI and Power Apps. I appreciated my time here as an intern - not only for the new experience I gained, but also for the great team - and I wish everyone all the best in future projects!' (Iveta)

Internships and volunteering in Global Education

Do you want to participate in the preparation of projects aimed at spreading awareness on topics related to sustainable development, global responsibility and solidarity both in the Czech Republic and around the world? In the Global Education section, you will have the opportunity to work on non-formal education projects for youth and the general public and help with the implementation of awareness-raising events, workshops or lectures. In collaboration with professionals in the field, GE creates board or outdoor games, original promotional and educational materials, social media campaigns, photo exhibitions, films interviews and podcasts, etc.

Stážistka Bára

'I chose to intern in the Global Education unit mainly because of its thematic focus. GE allowed me to deepen my knowledge in human rights or environmental issues, which are important to me in my personal and academic life. I got the opportunity to participate in the operation of the department, to try out its activities and, most importantly, to penetrate the world of the non-profit sector and to find out how an organisation like Caritas Czech Republic operates. Last but not least, the internship allowed me to develop within the organization, I am currently starting to participate in a new project of the GE unit.'

Volunteer work on proofreading

Do you want to deepen your experience in proofreading while gaining knowledge in the field of humanitarian aid and development cooperation? We are continuously looking for volunteers to help with proofreading texts for our websites and other working documents. If you have an excellent command of the English language (preferably you are a native speaker) and the time to take on at least two texts a month, we'd be happy to hear from you. The work can be done from home.

Are you interested in an internship or volunteering in our department?

Keep an eye on the current vacancies advertised in our careers section or send us your CV via the contact form.

Why am I a volunteer?
November 1, 2021 CCR-Mongolia

Why am I a volunteer?

Jana Zilkova is the Head of Mission of Caritas Czech Republic in Mongolia. She has more than 10 years of experience in international development, project management, policy making and research. She has studied and worked in several European and Asian countries, including the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Singapore and currently Mongolia. Today, Jana Zilkova shares her experience about volunteering and encourages others to become volunteers as well.

Young Mongolians share what they learned from volunteering
September 7, 2021 CCR-Mongolia

Young Mongolians share what they learned from volunteering

The Caritas Czech Republic in Mongolia is working to improve youth participation under the “All for YOUth, YOUth for all” project funded by the European Union. In the framework of the project, we are organizing an “iVolunteer” media campaign to advertise the benefits of volunteerism. How does volunteering impact young people and what changes does it bring to their life and view of life? Young Mongolians who are influencing their community while developing and rediscovering themselves by volunteering and helping people have shared their stories with us to support the iVolunteer media campaign.  

Internship at Caritas makes me feel good and my karma is improving, says Adéla Karlová
July 28, 2021 News

Internship at Caritas makes me feel good and my karma is improving, says Adéla Karlová

Adéla Karlová is a young student from Liberec, who after her graduation from Park Lane International School in Prague joined the communication team of Caritas Czech Republic as an intern. She became part of the Humanitarian Aid and International Development department. We have asked Adéla about her motivation to spend her summer holidays helping Caritas, and what it is like for her to be an intern with us.

Caritas Czech Republic in Mongolia promotes volunteering among Mongolian youth
April 15, 2021 CCR-Mongolia

Caritas Czech Republic in Mongolia promotes volunteering among Mongolian youth

Mongolia is a country of young people. Young people aged 15-34 comprise Mongolia’s largest demographic and more than one-third of the population. Under the financial support of the European Union and the Canada fund, Caritas Czech Republic, Mongolian Youth Council and Center of Citizenship Education have been working on youth development and empowerment in Mongolia. Within the framework of the “All for YOUth, YOUth for all” project, Mongolian Youth Council revived platform in order to enhance volunteerism among young people.