Innovation and digitalization are continuously and increasingly recognized as important means to significantly improve economic development, growth, and increase efficiency of state capacities, transparency and eliminate corruption. They can also improve informed decision-making through data collection and sharing. Many countries in which Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) operates recognize the introduction of innovative approaches and technologies, as well as the development of ICT sector as crucial parts of their development strategies. Moreover, they see them as an important component of their larger economic transformation.

For CCR, both technological and organizational innovations are relevant, as they have proven to be useful in achieving our goals and bringing coveted changes to the communities we support. CCR is reflecting the priorities of its partners as well as challenges emphasized in their national strategies, and therefore mainstreams these innovative and digital approaches into its projects.

3D tiskárny

3-D Printers

Mobilní nemocnice

Mobile hospitals


Technological support to maternity ward

Meteorologická data v zemědělství

Meteorological data in agriculture

Systém na pěstování rýže

New systems in rice production

covid lab


Recyklační technologie

Recycling technologies in construction system

Organizational innovations

Financování Zambie

Innovative financing in Zambia


Innovative financing in Iraq