Caritas for Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops and a raging war is dramatically deepening the safety and humanitarian situation in the country. As a result of the protracted armed conflict in the east of the country, Ukraine had already before the war been facing a long-term humanitarian crisis. About 14 million Ukrainians have already fled the war, over 6.6 million of them across the country's borders. Refugees and those who remain in their country for the time being, need help to secure their basic needs.

In cooperation with our long-term partner, Caritas Ukraine, we are focusing on providing basic necessities such as water, food, sanitation and shelter as part of our immediate assistance to the war-affected people of Ukraine. The intervention also includes the provision of psychological assistance. Caritas Czech Republic is also providing new modular accomodation for the displaced in Ukraine, and improvins water and sanitation services. At the same time, we are helping Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic, and in Moldova.

Funds from the collection will help provide basic life necessities to people affected by the war.

Thank you to all those who decide to help the people of Ukraine in these difficult times



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