Humanitarian aid for 1500 displaced Ukrainians. Caritas Czech Republic has launched new project
May 2, 2022 News

Humanitarian aid for 1500 displaced Ukrainians. Caritas Czech Republic has launched new project

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already displaced more than 11 million people from their homes. Most of them left to the country's western regions, including Drohobych and its surroundings, which is hosting more than 40,000 displaced Ukrainians. The local Caritas branch provides them with assistance, but many people remain outside the official support. Caritas Czech Republic will improve the access to health care and provide immediate basic needs to 1500 displaced Ukrainians within the Drohobych region.

We will help to meet basic needs and improve access to healthcare for people fleeing the war

More than 11 million people have fled their homes due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some of them left the country, but more than 7,7 million of them remain in Ukraine. They are mainly retreating to safer areas in the west. Drohobych, 60 kilometres south of Lviv, is one of the towns that has become a safe haven for people fleeing the war. Drohobych region currently hosts more than 40,000 internally displaced Ukrainians, a huge burden for a city of 74,000 inhabitants.

"All the indications are that people will have to stay away from where they come from for a prolonged period. If they are to survive this period in relative peace, in a mentally stable condition, and dignified conditions, then this situation needs to be addressed quickly. Some of the displaced are living privately, but the absorption capacity of ordinary accommodation is limited," says Evžen Diviš, the regional manager of Caritas Czech Republic, who recently visited Drohobych.

Our colleagues from Caritas Ukraine are helping to provide the basic needs for incoming people, including medical and psychosocial care. However, the number of people who urgently need help is growing. A large percentage of those who escaped to the Drohobych region remain outside the official government aid, especially those who are located further from the central part of the Drohobych region.

Ljubov, one of the internally displaced people in western Ukraine

A newly launched project, funded by the Irish humanitarian organisation Trócaire, will run over the next 6 months and will focus on direct humanitarian assistance for internally displaced Ukrainians in the Drohobych region. We will provide basic immediate needs to 1,500 people and ensure access to medical and psychosocial care for more than 500 displaced Ukrainians. Caritas Czech Republic will also support the health centre in Drohobych with the necessary materials and provide equipment for two ambulances.

Three organizations within the Caritas network joined forces to help in Western Ukraine

The project involves three organisations within the global Caritas Internationalis network. The project is funded by the Irish organisation Trócaire, which focuses on humanitarian and development aid for vulnerable groups, especially women and girls.

Caritas Czech Republic has a long experience in providing help in Ukraine as we have been focusing on improving the social and health services. Since 2014, our activities have been transformed and we started to assist people affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Thanks to our activities, we have established close relations with the local Caritas Ukraine, which is currently providing immediate humanitarian aid throughout the country.


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