Slepa mapa_Kambodza_vyrezCaritas Czech Republic has been operating in Cambodia since 2011. Our goal is to support sustainable development, especially in the areas of health care (ophthalmology and pediatrics), increasing the preparedness of the population to manage natural disasters and mitigating their impacts, increasing access to drinking water and sanitation, inclusive education or integration of people with disabilities into the labor market.

We have a permanent presence in Cambodia, thanks to this, we are in constant contact with the representatives of local public institutions, whose point of views and involvement are essential if the success we achieve is to last even after the projects have ended. We coordinate our activities with other non-governmental and international organizations so that there is interaction and cooperation between the individual initiatives, and that our aid reaches those highly in need, in the most effective way. Cambodia is one of the least developed countries in South-East Asia, and although it has experienced strong economic growth in recent years, the socio-economic level of a large part of the population remains relatively low, especially in rural regions, where significant progress is hindered by the lack of public infrastructure or underdeveloped infrastructure (transport routes, sources and distribution of drinking water, etc.). Structural dependence on a few sectors (eg the textile industry) makes the Cambodian economy vulnerable, and in the context of the expected slowdown in global economic growth, at least a significant slowdown can be expected. From a geographical and climatic point of view, the country is located in an area exposed to natural elements, such as tropical storms, floods or, on the contrary, prolonged droughts, while the resistance of the rural population in particular to these phenomena is low.

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