Caritas sending humanitarian aid trucks to Ukraine
March 4, 2022 News

Caritas sending humanitarian aid trucks to Ukraine

On Thursday, 3 March 2022, the Caritas Czech Republic dispatched two trucks for the Mariupol Caritas which operates in Ukraine and provides basic needs for thousands of displaced people that have left their homes due to the ongoing conflict. The trucks are loaded mainly with hygiene items and food supplies, including complementary baby food. They are heading to Zaporzhye in south-eastern Ukraine. The Caritas Mariupol is a long-standing partner of the Ostrava-Opava Diocesan Caritas.

Financial aid is not enough

Ensuring enough supplies to cover the basic needs of all is increasingly difficult at the moment. That is why the Caritas Czech Republic sends material aid to partners in Ukraine in addition to financial support.

"We are responding to the current needs of our colleagues from the Caritas Mariupol, who provides food, drinking water and shelter for thousands of refugees in Zaporozhye. They had to move to this area due to the ongoing war," explained Veronika Mechová from the Centre for Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation of the Ostrava-Opava Diocesan Charity.

The trucks that left Prague to Zaporozhye on Thursday morning. This is the first direct material aid that the Caritas Czech Republic has sent to Ukraine. The trucks carry supplies worth CZK 1.5 million, donated to Ukraine by Makro Cash & Carry ČR. In cooperation with several European Caritas, a large material air warehouse is being built in Poland close to the Ukrainian border designed to supply four smaller warehouses in western Ukraine.


Help is needed outside of the battle zones as well

The situation is worsening in the western parts of Ukraine as many residents seek a safe haven.

"Hundreds of thousands of people have had to flee their homes because of the raging conflict. Caritas workers in Ukraine are committing themselves to assist thousands of internally displaced people fleeing the war. They provide food, drinking water and shelter for the locals and help to transport them to safety while supporting the most vulnerable, children coming from families as well as other institutions," said Evžen Diviš, the Regional Manager of Charity Czech Republic.

There are already millions of internally displaced people in Ukraine and their numbers are growing dramatically. Caritas will continue to provide humanitarian aid to them.

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