I enjoy bringing a smile to our clients' faces, says a medical assistant from Moldova
October 27, 2021 News

I enjoy bringing a smile to our clients' faces, says a medical assistant from Moldova

In Moldova, we use our many years of experience in the Czech Republic and focus on social and health services for the elderly and others who need assistance. What does our work in the country look like and what do the people we help value the most? Cuimju Parascovia, medical assistent from the home care center, which we opened as one of ten others in Moldova, will tell us more in the following interview.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and the bad economic situation and high unemployment lead many locals to leave forMedical assistant Cuiumju Parascovia work to other European countries. This means that elderly people are left behind and they often live alone and have no one to take care of them. We have opened 10 home care centers in which we provide both health and social services for these people.

Cuiumju Parascovia works as a medical assistant at the Saint Ana center in Vulcanesti. She says she is happy to help people in need every day. Even if just by talking to them so they do not feel lonely.

How long have you been working at the Saint Ana Home Care Center?

I joined when the center opened so it is more than two years today.

Do you like working here?

I love my job a lot. Every day we deal with new cases of various patients. First we listen to their life story, ask them what their health problems are, and then step by step we try to help and bring joy and happiness to their lives. Our clients really enjoy the procedures we offer them. Recently, a few of them told me that they slept all night as babies after the last procedure. It made me so happy to hear that. I am very glad that our center helps local elderly people. I enjoy bringing smiles on people’s faces.

What does your working day look like?

We usually start around eight o'clock, because at nine o'clock our center opens. First, we disinfect all rooms and surfaces and charge our devices and equipment. Then we wait for the first clients who arrive a few minutes after nine o'clock. Unfortunately, not everyone can have breakfast at home, so we prepare hot tea and a small snack for them. Then we measure the clients' temperature and blood pressure, and if their values ​​are normal, we start with procedures.

After a lunch break, together with a social worker we visit clients who cannot come to our center in person. We also often bring these people to our center to help them take a bath, do a manicure, or simply chat and offer them a chance to meet other people.

People who visit the home care center have a variety of needs. How do you help the clients fulfill them?

We offer social and health care in the center. From the point of view of social care, the clients come to the center to take a bath, to get a haircut, to have their clothes washed or to have a manicure and pedicure. These are mainly the activities that elderly people are no longer able to handle on their own and have no one to take care of them. If they cannot bring the laundry for washing themselves, we pick it up at their home and bring it back to them, washed and ironed.

Caritas Czech Republic helps elderly people in Moldova by providing health and social care

What are the services from a medical point of view?

People come here mainly to have a bandage, physiotherapy and various types of massages. If clients have very high blood pressure that does not decrease, I can do an intravenous injection. We are also always in contact with out patients’ GP to know how to help them in the best way. We advise them on how to take their medication and we recommend people with diabetes what diet they should follow.

The Home Care Center helps a lot of locals. What kind of conditions are there for these people to be able to benefit from the services of the St. Ana Center?

Anyone who would like to use our services should have a referral from the family doctor.

The social and health services provided in the centers opened by Caritas Czech Republic are free of charge. What is usually the people’s reaction when they learn they do not have to pay after visiting the center?

They are excited! They say “Oh my God, really? How is it possible? Are you sure I don’t have to pay?” They are all shocked and they still don’t believe till the end.

We also often bring these people to our center to help them take a bath, do a manicure, or simply chat and offer them a chance to meet other people

How many people visit the St. Ana Center approximately?

We have ten to twelve clients per week. We usually help thirty to forty people in a month.

Where do these people most often come from?

Most of our clients are from the city of Vulcanesti, where our center is located. From time to time patients from surrounding regions also come to us. If they have the possibility to travel by themselves, we are only glad to help them.

What do your clients say about the services of the center and how do they feel when they are there?

They are very satisfied with our services and they are glad that such center opened in their neighbourhood. They often tell us that they are happy that someone is thinking of people their age.

We opened Home Care Centers in Moldova thanks to the financial support of the Czech Development Agency.