More aid is heading to Ukraine - Caritas sending a truck with power generators
March 11, 2022 News

More aid is heading to Ukraine - Caritas sending a truck with power generators

The situation in the border town of Tiachiv in south-western Ukraine is tense. Thousands of refugees are arriving here every day, trying to escape the war. For the local Caritas Tiachiv, a partner of the Ostrava-Opava Diocesan Caritas, the situation is becoming unmanageable. There is a lack of medical supplies, hygiene items and electricity access. That is why another truck from the Caritas Czech Republic is heading there.

This is the third truck we are sending to Ukraine. This Friday, it left Prague for Transcarpathia, and we are already planning more shipments. The influx of refugees is enormous and the supplies are running out fast. Last week alone, we shipped two trucks with goods worth CZK 1.5 million. DSV Solutions is assisting us in this by storing the humanitarian material free of charge and also providing its sorting and packing.

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The situation at the border is deteriorating

The situation in the border region of Tiachiv is desperate. Refugees are flocking here in an attempt to escape the war. They have almost nothing with them and lack even basic equipment. Mothers often don't even have nappies or baby food for their children. Warm clothes, mattresses, medical supplies and food are in great demand. The local Caritas organisation, which creates temporary shelters for refugees, cannot meet such demand.

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

The current shipment, which is heading to Tiachiv, includes 47 petrol-powered electric generators, which have already proved useful in the relief efforts in the Breclav and Hodonín regions after the devastating tornado last year. The electric generators produce electricity by burning petrol. Volunteers and displaced citizens seeking refuge can thus use the electronic devices - for example, to contact family members they were separated from during their flight.

At the same time, we bring water, non-perishable food, baby food, diapers, mattresses and sleeping bags to refugees. In addition, the Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc provided first aid kits. This material is currently the most in demand. We are constantly talking to the local Caritas organisations about what supplies are most needed in the area.

Necessary help for the future

The demands for help are increasing dramatically. Large amounts of medical supplies and other humanitarian aid will be needed in the coming days and weeks as well. We will keep providing assistance to people affected by the war.

Caritas is funding this assistance through the Caritas for Ukraine public appeal. Every contribution is extremely important to us. You can also contribute by donating to the appeal 

Thank you for helping with us.


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