Nazmiah wants to open a shop for farmers in Syria
October 14, 2021 News

Nazmiah wants to open a shop for farmers in Syria

Nazmiah is a young student who is facing an uncertain future living in Syria. Thanks to our trainings for young Syrians, she gained new knowledge about small projects and hopes to open her own shop with supplies for farmers.

Nazmiah found her passion

Nazmiah graduated from the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Idlib. Although she was employed for a while, she has always dreamed of starting her own business. “I studied agricultural engineering and worked in the field for a while and found my passion in which I want to develop myself further.”

That is why Nazmiah decided to take part in our program to support young people in Syria. This year, Caritas Czech Republic will educate a total of 420 young Syrians and teach them the basics of financial literacy and business. They will learn how to communicate more effectively with employees and customers or how to lead a team. “The training will help me enter the labor market stronger and equipped with a lot of information,” says Nazmiah.

The support for young people does not end with the trainings. We will also provide grants to the participants of the trainings to support their small businesses on the road to success. At the beggining, they will receive supervision and mentoring from us.

We will support 420 young people in Syria

Chances for Syria

The civil war in Syria has been going on for 10 years, during which several million people have fled their homes. The country lacks a basic medical care, infrastructure and job opportunities. We have been working in Syria since 2013. “Caritas Czech Republic should be present where our help is most needed. We have been active in Syria for a long time, but we believe we should increase our presence even more. In this way, we will help bring more money and another helping hand to the country,” says Jiří Škvor, Head of the Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation Department at Caritas Czech Republic.

One of the important pillars of the country’s restoration is the opportunity to find work and be able to provide for oneself. Thanks to starting their own business, young people will not only make a living for themselves, but also create jobs for others in their community.

We supported young people in Syria as part of our project Emergency livelihoods support for vulnerable and marginalized youth in Idlib, Syria funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.